Access Modes

PHPKB offers different access modes to configure the right of access for users in the knowledge base.



PHPKB software offers you the ability to select an access mode for the public area of your knowledge base. An access mode defines if access to the knowledge base content is restricted to only logged-in users, or it is openly available for guest users (visitors) that do not have an account in the knowledgebase. Thanks to this ability, you can set the primary role of your knowledge base. It will help define if your knowledge base is an open system for self-help and self-support, OR a closed corporate knowledge base OR a system with access limited to a particular IP address range.

Access Modes

PHPKB knowledge base software offers two different access modes. You can decide which model you want for your knowledge base.

Restricted Mode

This mode means no access for unregistered users. It is beneficial for a private (secure) enterprise knowledge base accessible only by registered users from any part of the world and has no access for ordinary visitors. The restricted mode makes your knowledge base go private. A private knowledge base is when the public is restricted to access the information, and search engines like google cannot index your knowledge base content. It makes your knowledge base invisible to the public. Only invited members can access the knowledge base, and your knowledge base contents are fully secure without any risk of losing the information.

Restricted Access

Unrestricted Mode

This access mode allows unauthorized users (visitors) to access content available under public categories. For instance, a help-desk knowledge base contains public information for customers and hidden articles for internal use.

Access Modes

IP Address Restriction

This feature is helpful if you would like to allow OR restrict access to the knowledge base based on the IP address. The "Allowed IPs" and "Blocked IPs" directives in the PHPKB knowledge base software let you allow and deny access based on the IP address of the visitors' computer.

IP Address Restriction

You can grant access to only verified IP addresses or block access to a specific IP address or range of IP addresses that you suspect to be malicious.

Category Level Access Security

PHPKB comes with advanced security access at multiple levels to cover all of your scenarios. You can grant access to your knowledge base at different levels; for example, complete access or access to specific categories.

Flexible Access Schemes

There are several different access schemes that you can realize with PHPKB knowledge base software. Some examples are listed below.

  • Customer support and FAQ system is a knowledge base with open access to the majority of articles. It is easy to administrate this kind of system for a small company and permanently increase the level and amount of content with the help of client feedback.
  • The Corporate level company, where each department has its section under control, benefits from user groups & private categories to define department-wise access to the knowledge domain.
  • A company that provides paid support prefers to disable public access to the knowledge base and give information access only to clients who have paid for certain services.
  • It is possible to use a single system for staff, clients, and partners by opening access for unauthorized users to certain parts of the knowledge base. In this scenario, each group has read and/or write access to designate spaces (categories). These spaces can intersect to get the best output from collaboration.

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