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Knowledge base users can use advanced search filters to refine the search results according to their choice.



Advanced Knowledge Base Search

The advanced search feature of PHPKB knowledge base software is a powerful tool that allows users to search for information in a more precise and efficient manner. It enables users to search for specific information by applying various criteria and filters to their search query.

Advanced search form in PHPKB knowledge base software provides access to the majority of the data fields, so users can refine their knowledge base search and get the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. With the advanced search feature, users can search for articles based on the following parameters:

  • Keywords: Users can search for articles that contain specific keywords or phrases.
  • Article ID: Users can search for articles based on their unique identifier.
  • Category: Users can search for articles within a specific category or categories.
  • Date Range: Users can search for articles that were created or modified within a specific date range.
  • Author: Users can search for articles written by a specific author.
  • Status: Users can search for articles that are in a specific status, such as published, draft, or archived.

In addition to these parameters, PHPKB's advanced search feature may also include other options and filters, depending on the specific version and configuration of the software.

Advanced Search Filters

Filters are powerful; you can use filters to include or exclude content from your searches. The advanced search filters of PHPKB let you refine your results by categories, id, article field, all words, any words or an exact match. Moreover, it also allows the users to specify the sorting preference and sort order. When viewing your search results, you'll see several filters on the left side of the page. Fill the fields to specify what exactly you're looking for and drill down into search results accordingly. The search results based on your search criteria will display in the right-side panel.

By using the advanced search feature, users can quickly find the information they need, even in large and complex knowledge bases. This can save time and improve the overall efficiency of the knowledge management process.

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