Article Approval Process

Review the article content before publishing to maintain a trustworthy knowledge base.



Every PHPKB admin user can draft articles; However, their role in the knowledge base determines the status of their article. The articles created by writers go to a pending state and must go through an approval process before being available to knowledge base users. During the approval process, the reviewer reviews the article and decides to either approve or reject it.

Article Approval Process

A knowledge base article goes through an approval process in two cases:

  • When a writer (contributor) adds a new article to the knowledge base.
  • When a user modifies an existing article in the knowledge base.

Article Approval Process

  1. When the writer saves a new article, it goes to a pending state, and the system sends a notification to editors and superusers to approve the article. Similarly, when an article updates, the system generates a copy of the article, and sends the copy for review. The original copy of the article remains published and is available to knowledge base users.
  2. The reviewer (editor/superuser) evaluates the article and approves the article if he finds the contents appropriate. An article gets published in the knowledge base as soon as it is approved.
  3. A reviewer also reserves the right to reject an article and provide comments specifying the reason for rejection. He may also share his feedback with the author and provide suggestions to improve the quality of the knowledge articles.

    Article Approval Process
  4. After the article evaluation, the reviewer removes the knowledge article from the "Pending for Approval" list, and the system informs the writer about the evaluation result.
Article Approval Notifications

An email notification occurs at two general stages in the knowledge publishing approval workflow:

  • Reviewers (editors/superusers) are notified when an article is ready to review, i.e. when a writer either posts a new article or updates the existing article.
  • The writer (author) of an article is notified about the article status after it is reviewed.

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