File Attachments

Attach files, documents, images and videos with your knowledge base articles.



PHPKB knowledge base provides the facility to add unlimited files such as images, documents, PDF, spreadsheets with an article besides entering text. Attachments are useful because they give you the facility to provide detailed information about the article, and reduce the rework of creating already furnished information. For instance, as a knowledge manager, you might wish to share case studies along with your knowledge articles or you want to attach company-specific documents.

Article Attachments

Uploading Attachments

PHPKB knowledge base facilitate you to upload and manage the attachments directly on "Add Article” and "Edit Article” screens. Therefore, no time is wasted in first saving the article content and then uploading the attachments.

Uploading Attachments

Labelling Attachments

PHPKB gives you the provision to specify custom names/captions for files to make them easily accessible. Labelling assists you to specify meaningful names to file relevant to article content and heighten the discoverability of a file.

Configure Attachments

Administrators can manage attachment settings, such as supported file types and maximum attachment file size, from manage settings. By default, file size of attachment is limited, but you can change it to unlimited. However, uploading large attachments can cause issues with the user’s active session if your server doesn’t have sufficient resources to handle them.

Configure Attachment Settings

Searching File Attachments

In PHPKB, you can configure your portal to allow portal users to search within the attachment content by indexing the files. This makes knowledge base more efficient and helps users to find the information that they’re looking for. When a user search the term in a knowledge base, the system also searches the term in all the indexed file attachments. If the search term matches with an attachment, the search engine returns the attachment title, a brief description of file contents, and a link to the corresponding knowledge base article.

Search Article Attachments

Indexing Attachments

PHPKB knowledge base can index text content of files attached to knowledge base articles to make them searchable. PHPKB supports the search in txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, and pdf file formats. Attachment Indexing is available in all editions of PHPKB knowledge base software. PHPKB can search some documents with no advanced tools, while others need PHP modules or installed plugins. You can index the attachments either automatically or manually. If automatic indexing is enabled in manage settings, attachments are indexed immediately after upload.

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