Publishing to Multiple Categories

Post the article under multiple categories and save the time of re-creating the article in different category.



The right way to organize your knowledge base is to get your knowledge base articles organized. You have to think about where to put your articles so that your customers could easily locate them. Adding multiple categories in your single posts is a great way to encourage readers to stick around by exploring articles in other categories related to the one they’ve just read.

Multiple Categories for an Article


No Duplicacy

With PHPKB, you can publish one article in multiple categories; Hence, you need not create duplicate copies of an article under different categories. The problem with duplicating articles is that you end up with two instances of the same content, two URLs and two analytics. In such cases, management of contents would be difficult because of alterations at multiple places and if comments are enabled, each copy would have separate threads.

Easily Searchable

Having a knowledge base article appear under all appropriate categories improves the chance of your customers finding the relvant information.

Multiple Categories and SEO

Using carefully chosen categories to organize your articles not only helps with proper categorization of knowledge base content but also can help with SEO as it provides "context" for search bots. However, it is important to note that adding too many categories to each article is like “keyword stuffing” which is a Black Hat SEO tactic that can actually do more harm than good to your SEO efforts.

It is safe to add multiple categories with PHPKB knowledge base software because PHPKB sets up your site with permalinks being written as There’s only one permalink for the article, thus no duplicate content, and no penalty or ding from Google. Therefore, the only way those multiple categories show up is if someone specifically searches Or if you specifically create a custom page for that category to highlight particular topics.

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