Article Cloning

PHPKB offers the facility to clone an article which creates a draft version that a user can edit with new changes.



What is Article Cloning?

Article cloning in a knowledge base is a feature that allows users to create a duplicate of an existing article and use it as a starting point for a new article. This can be useful when creating similar articles on similar topics, as it saves time and effort by avoiding the need to start from scratch.

How does article cloning work?

With article cloning, users can quickly create a new article based on the content of an existing article, and then make any necessary modifications to fit their specific needs. This can be especially helpful when creating articles on similar topics, as it provides a starting point with pre-existing content that can be easily modified.

What is the need of cloning knowledge base articles?

Often you find you want to create a number of similar articles. Articles that are placed in the same categories, have the same formatting, and so on. Creating these from scratch is tedious, and you may forget to set some information. There's a quick way to do this. Create an article, and then use clone feature to create each article.

Cloning Knowledge Base Articles

PHPKB offers the ability to clone an existing article to improve productivity. Cloning creates a draft version that a publisher can edit with new changes. Many articles tend to overlap in subject matter, so being able to clone a completed article and tweak the specifics in a cloned copy is a huge time saver. Imagine you have an article type that you are finally happy with the way it will look to the staff/customers who will be using it. Now you have to create over 200 similar articles. Earlier, you had to do enormous copy and paste and definitely, it is not the best use of your time. So, we added the facility to clone articles in PHPKB knowledge base software to clone individual or bulk articles.

Article Cloning

Article Cloning Features
  • Clone Article Content
  • Clone Category Relations
  • Clone Article Priorities
  • Clone Article Attachments

Article cloning can be a time-saving tool for knowledge management, as it allows users to quickly and easily create new articles based on existing ones. It can also help to ensure consistency and accuracy in the knowledge base, as users can leverage existing articles as a starting point for new ones.

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