Article Collaboration

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What is Article Collaboration?

Article Collaboration in a knowledge base is a feature that enables multiple users to work on a single article simultaneously, making it possible to collaborate on creating, editing, and updating articles. This can be especially useful when creating articles that require input from multiple users to create accurate and up-to-date information.

What are the benefits of Article Collaboration?

Working together with people from different parts of the organization towards a shared goal is known as collaboration. The Article Collaboration feature in PHPKB's knowledge base system enables administrators to exchange their thoughts, opinions, and comments in the form of notes with other administrators to improve the content of an article. The goal of this collaboration is to refine the articles and make them meet the highest standards possible.

Article Collaboration can be facilitated through a number of tools and features, including commenting, and version control. Commenting allows admin users to discuss, provide feedback and share opinions on specific parts of an article, while version control provides a history of changes made to an article, making it easier to revert to a previous version if needed.

How to collaborate on an article?

To collaborate on an article, go to the "Manage Articles" section and click on the "Collaboration" action from the Actions menu available corresponding to the article. The collaboration screen will be displayed as shown below:

Article Collaboration

Enter your message in the notes field, select the user for whom you are writing this note, and then click on the "Save" button.

The existing collaborations are visible on the same screen above the collaboration form, which can be read by other admin users. You can either click on the edit or cross icon displayed at the right side of the posted note to edit or remove it from the knowledge base.

Why collaboration is required in a knowledge base management system?

Collaboration is a key employee skill these days because it encourages people to share knowledge.

  • Article collaboration on existing knowledge documents helps in discussing improvements on live documents. This discussion platform lets teams share thoughts on crucial issues on a piece of content already in existence that may be outdated and in need of revising.
  • The content writers can seek help and support from the seniors. Article collaboration feature in knowledge base allows employees to locate and discuss ideas with the right people irrespective of geographical boundaries.
  • Collaboration increases the level of motivation and participation, pulls teams together. Therefore provides a fertile ground for knowledge capture, resulting in more innovative results.
  • Speeds up the process of iterative thinking and helps in resolving doubts and queries swiftly.

Overall, Article Collaboration is a useful tool for knowledge management, as it allows organizations to collaborate on creating and updating articles, leading to more accurate and up-to-date information in the knowledge base. This can help to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as improve the overall quality of the knowledge base.

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