Article Feedback

PHPKB knowledge base software offers a smart way to get instant feedback from your users to improve the content quality.



Article Feedback Feature

Article feedback feature is an easy way for your authors to receive feedback on their articles. This way your customers can comment on an article which gives you the ability to improve your content and make sure that you cover what your customers need.

Why is feedback important for knowledge base articles?

The most valuable resource for any knowledge base is its articles, and the article feedback plugin of PHPKB software lets you get valuable feedback from your readers via a simple question: “Was this article helpful?”. The feedback received will help you make the important decisions to steer your customer support efforts in the right direction. Feedback helps to improve the knowledge documents and attune the contents towards a target audience.

Ask if an article was helpful to your users

The plugin gives your users the ability to vote either "Yes" or "No". The plugin also offers your visitors to specify the reasons for their negative feedback. The study of negative reasons gives you room for improvement and a chance to alter your knowledge items according to user choice.

Was ths article helpful feedback

Negative feedback helps you to gather the reasons for user dissatisfaction. The reason might be they didn’t find what they were looking for, or they spotted a mistake. The feedback allows you to change your site as per user expectations. It is simple to implement yet, a valuable way to increase customer satisfaction.

Negative Feedback Reasons

Manage Article Feedback

Analyze and manage the user-submitted feedbacks on articles in the manage articles section of the admin area. You can view positive or negative responses to each article separately and can delete the unwanted feedback.

Manage Article Feedback

Benefits of taking Feedback from Users

It’s always good to receive feedback on any work that you do. The best people who can give suggestions to improve your site are the people who visit it.

  • Feedback helps in improving your products and services.

    Customer feedback is a knowledge of what is functioning well about your product or service and what should be done to make the experience better. Their opinions help you ensure that the end product will meet their expectations, solve their problems, and fulfil their needs.

  • Feedback allows you to measure customer satisfaction.

    Customer loyalty and satisfaction are significant factors to determine a company’s financial performance, such as increased market share, lower costs, or higher revenue. Therefore, you always want to ensure that your users are happy with your services.

  • Collecting user feedback shows you value their opinions.

    By approaching your users for feedback, you communicate that their opinion is important to you, and they feel more attached to your company. Tuning in to their voice; helps you develop more concrete relations with them, which further helps gain valuable brand ambassadors who will spread positive word-of-mouth.

  • Feedback assist you to improve customer retention.

    Satisfied users will stay with you; however, unhappy users will eventually find a better alternative and leave. Feedback helps you determine if your users are satisfied with your service and detect areas where you should improve.

  • Feedback gives you data that helps taking business decisions.

    Business decisions should be made on concrete grounds and not on loose guesses to survive in a competitive market. Successful business owners gather user opinions that help them develop future strategies that perfectly fit customer needs.

Article Feedback Plugin Summary
  • Two-way voting: positive and negative feedback messages from logged-in users and guest users.
  • Reason for negative feedback along with details of feedback submitter.
  • Unlimited user feedback on an article.
  • Voting on articles is enabled the moment they are published.
  • No spam; one feedback per IP address.
  • Feedback count on Manage Articles page.
  • Facility to view an individual feedback review in the admin area.

Use different types of feedback and analytics to improve the content and to push more highly-rated articles.

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