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Article Keywords

Label your knowledge base articles with relevant keywords or phrases that describe the content of the articles.



Article Keywords

In the context of a knowledge base, the purpose of article keywords is to provide a way to tag or label articles with relevant keywords or phrases that describe the content of the article. These keywords help users to quickly and easily find the articles that are most relevant to their needs.

Article Labelling with Keywords

By adding keywords to articles, knowledge base administrators or editors can improve the searchability of the knowledge base and make it easier for users to find the information they need. For example, if a user is searching for an article about troubleshooting a specific error message, they can search for that keyword and quickly find all of the articles that are tagged with that keyword.

Purpose of Labelling Articles with Keywords

Article keywords can also be used to group related articles together, making it easier for users to browse and discover related content. This can help to promote the discovery of new content and can encourage users to explore the knowledge base more thoroughly.

Overall, the purpose of article keywords is to improve the organization and searchability of the knowledge base, making it easier for users to find the information they need and to promote the discovery of new and relevant content.

Use Keywords to Improve Knowledge Base Article Search Results

PHPKB knowledge base software has an impressive full-text search capability. However, you may wish to enhance the relevancy and accuracy of search results through the use of article keywords. PHPKB uses keywords to help increase the discover-ability of your knowledge articles during searching. They are visible in edit mode in the Keywords field below the content area of the article edit form. You can configure their visibility on public area of the knowledge base from settings section of admin control panel.

Keywords Inclusion

PHPKB will automatically include all words in the title and body of an article in searching. To add keywords that may not be in the title or body, type them into the Keywords field. This is most useful when an article does not contain words that may be searched on, or when you notice a phrase in your search keywords report that is not getting the correct results.

TIP: To help users find public articles, use words you expect end users to search in the title or body of the article.

Creating Keywords
  • Do not repeat any words already used in the title or body of the article.
  • Depending on content, you may not need any keywords.
  • Do not use commas in between words; use spaces to separate words.
  • Field limit is 100 characters.
Keyword Strategies
  • Understand the audience.
  • Anticipate search queries.
  • List as many as necessary remembering the 100 character limit.

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