Custom Priority of KB Articles

Learn how to change the display order of the articles in the category page by assigning custom priority score.



Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise Editions of PHPKB software.

Customize Display Order of Articles

The usability of your knowledge base not solely depends on how clear your articles are but also on how you have organised them. PHPKB offers you the facility to arrange the display order of your articles in a category so that vital articles appear at top. In an era characterized by busy schedules, prioritizing helps you decide which articles to show first, based on the problems your customers deal with regularly. You can assign priority to articles that makes a difference for your users, and are as per their interest. This will save their time looking for required information and improve delivery to customers, as a result your company can achieve satisfied customers which is paradigm requirement in the success of any business.

For ease, PHPKB allows the arrangement of articles in two ways;

  1. Manage the priority of an article in different categories.
  2. Re-order all the articles in a category
Manage Article Priority

You can assign custom numerical score for an article in each of its categories. Each category can have a different score of the same article. For example, same article can show up at top in one category and at bottom in another category.

Manage Article Priority

Re-order Articles in a Category

A single place to manage display order of all the articles in a category. You can decide the precedence, in which the articles will be displayed on the category page by assigning numerical priority scores to articles.

Manage Article Priority

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