Article Templates

PHPKB templates feature allows you to design ready to use content snippets for your knowledge base articles.



Article Templates

Article templates help you easily create ready-to-insert content snippets for your knowledge base articles. This is a way to single-source a piece of content that you regularly use in different help articles. When you write knowledge articles in PHPKB on a regular basis, there are times when you repeat yourself and when you have to type something over and over again. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long sentence, a table or maybe a piece of HTML code which you constantly write from scratch, you should consider creating a template for it so that it appears in a click of a button. You can think of templates as content snippets that can be created and managed so easily in PHPKB software that you do not need to be a programmer or you won’t even hire one to make things simple for you.

For instance, you might have information such as disclaimers, help tips, contact information or some tabular data that is usually repeated in your help article. So, instead of manually adding the same content, you can simply create a template once and then re-use the contents of this template in other articles.

Article Templates

You can create as many templates as you need. Templates provide structure to your knowledge articles and include useful features such as a WYSIWYG editor and support for multimedia content. You can select a template for inserting in the content while creating a knowledge article.

Improve Productivity & Content Reusage

If you find yourself continually typing the same content over and over again, you can use templates to simplify the work. Article Templates are reusable pieces of content, including text, tables, images, videos, or any other preformatted snippets you create. Improve the productivity and use article templates to add a disclaimer, custom formatting block, notice, warning, preformatted text, recurring paragraph, boilerplate text for quick insertion in your knowledge articles.

Inserting Article Template

Using Article Templates to create consistent layout for your knowledge base articles is very powerful. For instance, you might have information such as disclaimers, contact information or an image that is repeated in every help article. With article templates you can create an template (content snippet) once and then re-use the contents of this template in other articles.

Using the Article Templates feature, as a knowledge administrator (a user with superuser role), you can create article templates, activate or deactivate a template. As an article author (writer), you can create articles using pre-defined article templates.

When to use Article Templates?

You should use a content template (snippet) if you need to repeat the same bits of content in more than one article. For example, if you needed to display a common disclaimer throughout multiple articles, a template (snippet) will work great for something like that.

Benefits of Article Templates
  • A template saves time typing the same content over and over again.
  • A template helps you to standardize design of the knowledge articles.
  • Templates help create a consistent structure for knowledge articles.

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