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Create and Manage Knowledge Base Articles

A knowledge base is essentially a group of informative articles that your customers can utilize in order to solve any issues they might be experiencing with your company's products or services. PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to create, author and manage knowledge articles easily with its powerful article management features.

Article Management

Cross-Browser Authoring

Content can be authored in any latest web-browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Apple Safari etc.) on Windows, MAC, or any Linux variant. Content created is then stored in an optimized database so that it can be searched, retrieved and updated extremely quickly at any time.

Featured Articles

Featured articles are similar to 'sticky threads on forums' in a sense that they are listed above normal articles, so that your visitors can easily notice them. No matter if you are browsing the categories or viewing the search results, featured articles would always be displayed on top of normal articles.

Upload & Attach Files to Articles

Easily attach multiple files to any article, without having to mess around with an FTP program. The files can then be downloaded directly from your knowledge base.

Custom Fields

Create custom data values that can be assigned to articles and searched. Please see this page for more information and screenshots of custom fields.

Related Articles

A list of related articles is displayed with every article, that helps your visitors get more related information from your knowledge base.

Easy WYSIWYG Authoring

Built-in WYSIWYG authoring makes content publishing a breeze. Using the industry-leading WYSIWYG authoring tool, it's easy to publish content to your knowledge base. With Microsoft Word-like functionality, you can:

  • Create rich text
  • Insert links
  • Upload and insert images
  • Create lists
  • Insert tables
  • Insert ready-to-use design elements
  • Browse and insert links to other knowledge articles
  • Spell check content
  • Change text and highlight colors
  • Add rich media (Videos, YouTube, PDF)
Article Update Notifications

Users can subscribe to be notified via email whenever an article is updated. They will receive a short email with a link to view the updated article in your knowledge base. The emails are sent automatically when a change is made to an article.

Unlimited Categories

We believe that you can't possibly know how many knowledge base categories your company will need in the long-term, so there is no limit on the number of categories. With PHPKB knowledge base software, each knowledge base article can be contained within multiple categories. Having a knowledge base article appear under all appropriate categories improves the chance of your customers finding the information. By selecting multiple categories (for an article) rather than writing duplicate articles, your agents save time and you get better statistics.

Advanced Publish / Unpublish (retire/expire) Options

PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to set publication and expiration dates on articles. So, you can set an expiration date for an article, and set another article with a certain "go live" date, so that you can prepare in advance for content to go live when there are new product releases, website updates, etc.

Categories Management

It is very easy to create and manage categories for your knowledge base. PHPKB offers two types of categories; public and private. The content under public categories is visible and accessible by all users on the public area however the content under private categories can only be accessed by logged in users (KB members) based on the permissions assigned to their user-groups. A category is not just container for articles, but also has its own properties like type (public or private), meta description, and visibility.

Category Breadcrumbs

When a customer is browsing through the organized categories, there are convenient links back to previous category levels.

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