Auto-linking Glossary Terms

Link every appearance of a glossary term in an article to its glossary definition.



Auto-linking feature of PHPKB gives your glossary a user friendly experience. Once you’ve added an entry to the glossary and enabled auto-linking, any instance of a glossary term anywhere in the article will have a link to its definition. For example, if you create an entry for the word “API” in the glossary, whenever someone uses the word in the article, it will be highlighted, as shown in image below. Once you mouse over on the word, a new window with the glossary definition will pop up.

Autolinked glossay terms

You can also choose which glossary terms will participate in auto-linking while defining the glossary terms. This will prevent readers from being overwhelmed by tons of underlines, and only the terms that you have chosen would be highlighted.

Adding Knowledge Base Glossary

Several studies have demonstrated that computerised reading with full glossing leads to effective understanding and long retention. When you serve your users with everything from term to its definition on a plate, it certainly increases your creditability.

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