Complete Backup Facility

Backup your knowledge base data to restore after a possible crash.



PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to backup knowledge base data so that your knowledge base remains safe from any data loss or disk failure. Backup makes it possible to restore your knowledge base after a possible crash or to move the knowledge base from one server to another.

Why Backing Up is Essential?
  • Easy, fast restores of lost data.
  • Zero impact on performance.
  • Peace of mind when their own high value data is protected
  • More satisfied end users.
  • Simple deployment and administration while shifting from one server to another.
How to take backup in PHPKB?

You may want to backup your knowledge base data from time to time or on a regular basis. It is strongly advised that you should backup your knowledge base at regular intervals to be safe in case something goes wrong.

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Types of Backups

Database Backup: PHPKB knowledge management software allows you to either generate the complete database backup i.e. backup of all the tables of the database or custom Backup for backup of selective database tables.

Assets Backup: You can backup all the uploaded files (attachments, images, documents etc) present in the 'assets' folder. For this, you can either select 'Individual File' option to view the list of files present inside 'assets's folder and download each file manually or use the 'Compressed (zipped)' option to generate the backup of entire 'assets' folder as a compressed ZIP file and then click on download link to download the ZIP file as shown in the image below.

Configuration Backup: PHPKB knowledge base software even allows you to take backup of the configuration file that stores all the global configuration settings (such as KB Name, Database Connection Variables, SMTP Server Variables) of your knowledge base.

Please refer to the article "Taking Backup of Knowledge Base Data" to get more insight into generating backup in PHPKB knowledge management tool.

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