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PHPKB knowledge management software will help you at once on three fronts: self-service customer support, employee knowledge empowerment, and, critically, information access to your customers. The speed and ease with which customers are able to find solutions to their problems are all part of a great customer experience. A knowledge base is one of many self-service tools you can offer your customers so they can find answers for themselves without asking for help and waiting for your reply. There are still some areas for which customers might need assistance from agents and an internal knowledge base can act as a documentation guide that assists support agents to serve customer requests quickly.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Internal knowledge base for company employees and teams on an intranet
  • External knowledge base for customers
  • Products and services documentation
  • Product manuals
  • Standards and policies at government agencies
  • Schools and colleges (eLearning)
Features that make PHPKB the Best Knowledge Base Software

Knowledge is now considered a high-value commodity. With such an immense quantity of data being produced every day, knowledge management becomes a necessity, especially with highly competitive industries. Now, consumers and employees prioritize the accessibility of information. As such, self-service is steadily becoming a popular choice among customers when they need help. Self-service has increased its value among businesses in recent years, with more than 40 percent of consumers choosing it over human interaction. Consequently, many of the issues in recent years are rooted in knowledge access and organization.

Speed is a Feature. Fast Loading Times

According to Google engineers, pages must load fast. This means that the users’ browsing experience deteriorates and switches mental context if the pages don’t completely load in much less than 1 second. PHPKB software has been designed with page loading speed as a feature. All pages load fast and take about 1-2 seconds to load completely. You can test Page Load Times on Pingdom. Please note that the only important metric is the Load Time in milliseconds.

In the present-day life of hustle-bustle, everyone is busy and customers have less patience these days, thus the knowledge base needs to be quick in answering user queries, otherwise, your users would move to competitor's product. Ideally, a knowledge base article should load within 1-2 seconds, which can be tough considering the amount of content, video, and image files that many knowledge base pages contain. However, PHPKB is brilliant in terms of speed and performance; searchable, and easily accessible, both for desktop and for mobile browsers. No other knowledge management software can match the speed and performance of PHPKB while being fully secure and stable.

Classic Theme

Cloud-Hosted or Self-Hosted Solution

PHPKB knowledge base software offers both hosted (SaaS knowledge base) and owned licenses of software. PHPKB SaaS is a service where we host a knowledge base for you, responsible for hosting, security, all software updates, maintenance, backup, and fixes of your online knowledge base so you can focus on growing your knowledge base.

With a one-time investment, you can own the self-hosted license of PHPKB knowledge base software. The owned license comes ready for installation on your server, with full source code which you can modify as per your requirements. However, you, yourself are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your knowledge base.

Suitable for Any Organization

Any type of company can benefit from PHPKB knowledge base software; enterprise, startups, and small business customer. The flexible user license model of the PHPKB knowledge base application is suitable for all scales of businesses.

Small Business: The standard edition of PHPKB knowledge management software is best suitable for small businesses who want to invest less and need low-cost software solutions can go for hosted edition or single-user license of the software.

Startups: If you are starting up your business and looking for low-cost software that can scale massively with their company. PHPKB knowledge base application allows gives you the flexibility to upgrade the number of software user licenses at any time by just paying the difference of user license cost.

Enterprise: PHPKB knowledge management software is perfectly suitable for enterprises who typically need a large number of software users, extensive support and customizations, account management, and compliance. The software has Enterprise editions with multi-language support, unlimited user licenses, and paid customization service

Optimized Search Engine

PHPKB knowledge base software has a powerful & accurate search engine that can search thousands of articles. It can search among categories, articles, news, attachment files, and custom-fields. Even if you have created an internal knowledge base for your customer service representatives to assist customers quickly or you want your customers to self-service themselves, PHPKB knowledge base software is perfectly suitable and provides the results swiftly with its extremely fast search engine.

Clean User Experience

PHPKB knowledge base application has a user-friendly interface, loads the pages quickly and your customers can search effectively, improving your site stickiness and SERP ranking. If your knowledge base is poorly organized, unbranded, or makes your customers feel like they are in a foreign land, they will move to competitors' business. The easy-to-use design, several layout options, and customization improves customer experience and engage users with your product.

User Feedback and Analytics

Knowledge base maintenance is an ongoing process and should continuously be improved on the basis of user feedback. PHPKB knowledge base tool has different feedback channels to get user's feedback; helps you in determining which articles are helping customers and which are getting negative ratings giving you scope to improve the documentation.

Uncompromised Authoring

The built-in powerful WYSIWYG editor ("What You See Is What You Get") of PHPKB allows you to quickly create and edit your knowledge base articles as if you were using a word processing software giving you uncompromised authoring experience. PHPKB uses the most powerful TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor that provides advanced editing facilities and authoring new articles is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

SEO Optimized Knowledge Base

The SEO features of PHPKB knowledge base software index your knowledge base on search engines. Our knowledge management tool not only assists in Content SEO i.e. creating content that is structured and organized properly but also helps in technical SEO for search engines to determine them the true nature of your content.

Enterprise-Grade Backup

We understand that how much hard work you put into setting up your knowledge base; the efforts you have put in adding good articles explaining your product, how-to, troubleshooting, user stories, and more. But a bad incident such as a server crash or a resentful employee decides to clean out all your documents can vanish all your efforts. PHPKB knowledge base software understands your concerns and offers a backup facility so that your knowledge base remains safe from any data loss or disk failure. Backup makes it possible to restore your knowledge base after a possible crash or to move the knowledge base from one server to another.

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