Bulk Operations

PHPKB reduces your workload by performing repetitive tasks all at once.



Performing any action on a group of articles one by one can become cumbersome and monotonous for admin users. Therefore, PHPKB knowledge base management software provides the facility of bulk operation-a single-targeted operation that can be performed on a list of items in a single go.

Why do you need bulk operations in PHPKB?

Through bulk operations you can save time and effort by performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks with a single click. Bulk operations are actions that are performed on a large scale. Precisely multiple instances of similar activities at the same time. PHPKB knowledge management offers bulk operations every area of its knowledge base such as articles, comments, templates, autosaved drafts, users, news, tickets, etc.

For instance, after reviewing the articles written by content writers, an editor might like to publish all the pending articles. Publishing articles individually would be time consuming and boring. However, this can easily be achieved through PHPKB knowledge base tool through the bulk operation - "Approve Articles".

Another productive example can be if you want to set the priority of all articles of a category simultaneously, this can be achieved through a "Manage Priority" action available in bulk operations.

How to use bulk operations in PHPKB?

Bulk operations are available in all sections on manage pages.

Bulk Operations

  1. First, navigate to the manage section where you want to perform bulk-operation. For example: "Manage Articles"
  2. Check the articles on which you want to perform the operation.
  3. Choose the operation (e.g. "Mark Featured") from bulk actions drop down.
  4. Click on "Apply" button.

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