Filter Data Columns

Streamline your data analysis with the power to filter and show/hide data columns in your data tables.



Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise Editions of PHPKB software.

Show/Hide Data Columns

Being able to filter or show/hide data columns in a data table is essential for efficiently and effectively analyzing large sets of data. This feature allows users to focus on the specific data points that are most relevant to their needs, and to eliminate irrelevant or extraneous data from view.

Importance of Filtering and Show/Hide Data Columns

By hiding unnecessary data columns, users can avoid confusion and improve their ability to make informed decisions based on the data that is most important to them. Additionally, this feature can help to reduce visual clutter, making it easier to work with the data and to identify trends or patterns that might otherwise be obscured. Overall, the ability to filter or show/hide data columns in a data table is a valuable tool for anyone who works with large sets of data on a regular basis.

Admin users can choose which data columns they wish to see on the manage sections in admin area, based on which information you find most important per section.

Dynamic Columns

The table columns on manage articles section of admin area are dynamic means you can select/unselect the columns of your choice for increased screen area and get the desired tabular view. This is useful as different users have different needs. For instance, feedback manager might be interested in columns such as "Hits", "Ratings", "Comments" and "Feedback", on the contrary a content writer would be more interested in columns such as "Title" and "Updated Date".

How to use dynamic columns feature?

On Manage Articles page, click on the "Columns" drop down and mark the columns you want to show and un mark the columns you want to hide. The columns you have marked as hidden will stay hidden for the current session unless they are made visible from the columns selection menu. This feature is available only in enterprise editions.

Why are the benefits of dynamic columns?
  • To only show essential data relevant for different users.
  • To minimize horizontal scrolling as much as possible and making the screens more manageable by reducing the number of fields.
  • Data columns are available for viewing but hidden from sight.
  • To incorporate much more information from different user perspectives without damaging the display.

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