Convert Tickets to Knowledge Base Articles

Turning a ticket into a Knowledge Base article is a great way to share a solution with Support Agents for use case scenarios.



The biggest challenge for any organization is to keep their knowledge base up-to-date so that support time can be reduced. For keeping knowledge base up-to-the-minute, content writers should convert support staff's gained knowledge to documents, which is a challenging task as staff members can't remember knowledge acquired over time. Converting someone else's experience into words is a tedious task. Therefore, PHPKB knowledge base software has the "Convert Ticket to Knowledge Article" feature which allows support staff to publish the ticket replies into knowledge base as articles. This leads to immediate storage of the agent's knowledge. When every answered support ticket is published as a knowledge article, there comes a time when you see huge drop in the number of new support tickets. This happens because customers can search for the answers to their queries in the knowledge base and self-serve themselves through solution articles published by support staff.

A knowledge base should have only one goal: to help you deflect support ticket by offering the right answer to your users, at the right time.

How to convert tickets into knowledge base articles in PHPKB?

In PHPKB knowledge management software, you can convert your tickets into knowledge base documents in two ways; Either through the "Publish" action available corresponding to ticket.

Publish Ticket as Article

or while sending a reply just by marking a checkbox.

Publish Ticket Reply

You may wish to read our knowledge base article Publishing a ticket as an article in knowledge base for a detailed description of process.

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