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PHPKB knowledge base software is developed with high quality code valid across different browsers so that your support portal looks and function faultlessly. Browsers are the transparent gates to the Internet, and cross-browser compatibility has become one of the key priorities nowadays. Cross-browser compatibility is the ability of a knowledge base software to function across different browsers and degrade gracefully when browser features are absent. Therefore, we make sure that PHPKB knowledge sharing software should work on the most popular browsers equally.

Which browsers are supported by PHPKB?

PHPKB knowledge base software is fully optimized to serve your users across 99% of all browsers. Coding of PHPKB software adhere to all standards, there is no risk of being penalized by search engines for poor quality code. PHPKB knowledge base software is compatibility with every modern browser such as

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Safari

cross-browser knowledge base

Benefits of Cross-browser Compatible Knowledge Base

With PHPKB knowledge base system, let your customers enjoy every inch and every feature of your knowledge base missing nothing important. PHPKB knowledge base tool show to your users you care about them by allowing them to access your knowledge base from pretty much any operating system, device or browser.

  • User Oriented: sers can be from any place and they might use any browser. Major concern for any business is that the users should see the knowledge base the same way as it is visible to you. However, your shared contents are not compatible with their browser and once the users face some problem, they wouldn’t switch browser to access your information, in fact they will leave your portal and will switch to competitor's product. Therefore, PHPKB knowledge management system support cross-browser compatibility so you can share your business' knowledge with the users freely without worrying about such concerns.
  • Accessibility: The cross browser compatibility not only ensures that your shared knowledge should look same but also should behave same i.e. to provide all your users the same experience across all the browsers. The growth in web also resulted in multiple different web browsers, to access and interact with internet content. However, all web-browsers are not mutually compatible with each other. Therefore, PHPKB knowledge base software performs rigorous cross browser testing to makes sure that knowledge base is compatible with most of the browsers.
Best Practices Followed By PHPKB

Understanding the importance of a web application that works across browsers is one thing, while developing it is another. While it’s almost impossible to have a design look exactly the same on every browser, there are a few ways to make sure you’re providing a consistent user experience. Below are the practices followed by PHPKB knowledge base software for making your knowledge base cross-browser compatible.

  • CSS Reset - Every browser has different default CSS rules that they follow. PHPKB knowledge base software makes CSS reset style sheet to make sure your browsers follow the same basic rules and behave consistently.
  • Validate - PHPKB knowledge base validates its HTML and CSS code with W3C HTML Validator and CSS Validator to make sure code is error free.
  • Conditional Comments - Conditional comments link style sheets for different browsers, which is especially helpful for design challenges common with Internet Explorer.
  • Prepare For Differences - It impossible to have a design that looks the same on every browser unless it’s extremely basic because of different processing mechanism of the same thing (e.g. typography) in different browsers. In such cases, PHPKB knowledge base makes sure that the feature looks acceptable and is usable.
  • Cross-Browser Testing - Extensive testing of all functions and features is an absolute must for PHPKB knowledge base software to ensure compatibility with all browsers.

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