Custom Branding of PDF Output

Customize your PDF documents and reports to make the brand consistency between your customers.



Every business tries to make a strong brand name to differentiate itself from its competitors. Branding can be an element that define the image or headline of your company. Organizations like to use their brand image not only on their websites or products but also on knowledge documents such as user manuals, help guides and other official documents. PHPKB knowledge management system understands your need and not allows to manage knowledge but also allows you to customize your PDF documents so that your customers and employees can recognise you from anywhere. Adding branding such as logos or signatures to your files also makes them legal and increase the trust of customers.

Why branding documents is important?
  • Visual Identity: Companies share knowledge not only among staff members but also to the users. Branding your documents gives it a visual identity, unique to your company or product.
  • Brand Promotion: When you maintain document branding while knowledge sharing, you show to users the official and reliable source of a document. Branding engages readers’ attention and promotes your products or services since it makes your brand or document logo recognizable.
  • Belongingness: By branding knowledge base documents, you align them with other corporation documents' branding which defines belongingness to product, department, etc.
Customize PDF Exports (Reports, Articles)

PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to customize the look of exported PDFs by allowing you to add your own header and footer. To change the appearance of files, go to "Miscellaneous Settings" and scroll to "Miscellaneous Settings" section. Add an HTML code of your branding with inline CSS; your header can be your logo with your site's background or your company name. For footer, you can either provide customized HTML or can choose the "Default" option. With "Custom" option, you can add your HTML code in the field provided and with "Default" option, you can set the location of page numbers in footer.

Customized PDF Settings

Mark the "Apply Header/Footer on Reports?" option if you want to add the customized header and footer on your PDF Exports like reports.

Example of Custom Branded PDF Report

Shown below is an example of knowledge base article exported to PDF format with custom header. With simple HTML tags and inline CSS, you can also generate the customized header and footer for your knowledge base articles.

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