Customization Service

Get your PHPKB license customized to look and function like you've thought of for your knowledge base.



Customization service increase the benefits originally offered by PHPKB knowledge base software and raise the adherence level of the customer’s solution to a higher level. The customizations are developed by highly skilled and talented professionals who understands the architecture and execution of the knowledge base process. All of this guarantees security and peace of mind in meeting the specific needs of the customer.

Benefits of Availing Customization Service
  • Adaptation of knowledge sharing to adhere to your business processes and model.
  • Flexibility in meeting new demands.
  • Immediate delivery of customized requests which would normally have to wait for a new version.
Customization Services Provided By PHPKB

We offer you with a variety of interactive web-based solutions from a CMS-based company website to a more complex database driven web application designed to suit your needs.

Re-branding Service

Though it is very easy to modify the colors, look and feel of PHPKB knowledge base software for integration in your website, however if you have no experience in PHP, HTML and CSS then you can opt our customization service to make the look of knowledge base similar to your site. Look at some customized examples of our knowledge management software running live on customer's websites.

Application Customization

PHPKB knowledge base software is embedded with all the business knowledge perfected in hundreds of implementations worldwide. However, every organization has its peculiarities, which are often the reason for the efficiency of its processes and its market success. The knowledge base systems must be aligned with the company’s business model, and thus, we provide application customization service to get custom features developed as per your requirements.

Data Migration

The primary aim of the data migration process is to bring data from systems which will be deactivated or from complementary systems to the PHPKB knowledge management system. Therefore, if you are already using a knowledge base system which is not meeting your demands, you can avail our migration service to migrate your existing data to PHPKB knowledge base.

How to request customization service?

You can request help from the customization support team for expert customization through your customer portal.

How does it work?

All work on custom development projects follows these steps:

  1. You buy a PHPKB knowledge base software license on our site and get access to the "Customer Area" on our website.
  2. Once in the Customer Area, go to the "Support Tickets" section to place a request for custom development work.
  3. You will then be contacted by a "Quote Manager" to discuss the modifications required in detail, agree on a final cost and get a time line for the work to be completed.
  4. The project manager will then issue the invoice.
  5. When the project is paid for, we add it to our project record system, and our programmer starts working.
  6. During the work on the project, a test link to our test server is provided where you can view the work in progress and can give inputs.
  7. You can communicate with our programmers during the course of the customization service through the tickets in our "Customer Help Desk System".
  8. When project is finished and you give your approval, our engineer either uploads the custom changes and updates to your server or send you the updated files along with instructions of integration.
Customization Service Main Deliverables
  • Technical specification of the items to be customized.
  • Source files created to meet customer’s request.
  • Documentation to explain the customization performed.
  • Customizations installed in the customer’s environment.
How much does customization service cost?

Our custom development service starts at $35/hr. The development time and cost varies for different jobs. Each customization project will be priced individually depending on the complexity of the work to be done. You can get a quote for your project by sending us a request via customer area or the contact form.

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