Data Import & Export

PHPKB kowledge base software allows you to Export and Import Data from various formats in your knowledge base.



Importing & Exporting Data

The ability to import and export data is a very useful feature of any knowledge management software. PHPKB offers the following type of data import and export facilities to move content in and out of your knowledge base.

Import Options

Import Articles from a Comma-Separated (CSV) file

Our knowledge base software allows you to import articles in bulk from a CSV file.

Import Articles from HTML Documents (PAID)

We have a special "Import From HTML Module" (paid) that allows to import articles in bulk from HTML files including all Pictures and Images while still keeping all the content formatting intact.

Module Cost: $150 (one-time)

Import Articles from MS-Word Documents

You can convert all of your MS WORD documents to HTML format using any Word to HTML converter tool such as 'Word Cleaner' and then utilize the 'Import From HTML' module to import all documents as articles in your knowledge base.

Export Options

Export an Article to PDF Format

Our knowledge base software allows your KB users to export individual articles to PDF format.

Bulk Export KB Articles (PAID)

We have a special "Bulk Export Module" (paid) available that can be purchased to export articles in bulk from selected categories to a single PDF/DOC/HTML file as and when required. This special module utilizes the 'WKHTMLtoPDF' utility (free) to output the contents of bulk articles to PDF format. You can know more about the WKHTMLtoPDF utility at There are no special utilities required for bulk export to DOC or HTML formats.

Module Cost: $150 (one-time)

Export an Article to MS Word Format

Our knowledge base software allows your knowledge base users to export individual articles to DOC format.

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