Database Optimization

Built-in database optimization wizard to increase the speed and efficiency and serve your customers swiftly.



Response time is the paramount factor for any knowledge base to serve its customers. PHPKB knowledge base software offers an in-built database optimization wizard to maximize the speed and efficiency with which knowledge base data can be retrieved. Our database designers, administrators and analysts have worked together to best optimize the system performance through diverse methods.

How PHPKB Practice Database Optimization?

Practices followed in PHPKB knowledge base software takes care of management, optimization of the databases that makes your work easier and improves the experience of your users.

Proper Indexing

PHPKB knowledge base software has adequately indexed tables that ensures quicker access to a database that help in making PHPKB a fastest knowledge base software. No indexing leads to slow processing, whereas over indexing renders the insert and update triggers ineffective. PHPKB knowledge management software has appropriate indexing, neither too low nor too high.

Precision in Data Retrieval

PHPKB knowledge management software takes care of small details that makes a big difference. For instance, avoiding retrieving the whole set of data when the user wants only a certain part of it, which saves a lot of essential time.

Limited Use of Correlated Sub-queries

A correlated sub-query depends on the parent or outer query and search is done row by row which decreases the overall speed of the process resulting in reduced efficiency of the database. PHPKB knowledge base tool avoid Sub-queries and uses joins to retrieve the corelated data.

Avoid Coding Loops

Coding loops can stall the entire sequence. Therefore, PHPKB knowledge base software use the unique UPDATE or INSERT commands with individual rows and make sure that the WHERE command does not update the stored data in case it finds a preexisting matching data.

How to perform database optimization?

You can periodically optimize the database tables of your knowledge base to defragment the table and reduce the size of the table on a disk which leads to improved query performance and reduced response time for the select query. Table structure optimization reclaims unused space after deletions and clean up the table after structural modifications have been made.

Database Optimization

If you are Superuser, you can optimize database from "Optimize Database" section of "Tools" area. Click on Optimize Database button to optimize the tables of your database. During optimization, database tables are locked because of which front-end users cannot access them. So, you should optimize it during maintenance time or when there is less traffic present in your knowledeg base.

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