Design Elements

Insert ready-to-use elements in your knowledge base content to enhance the effectiveness of your knowledge documents.



The user wants to create content that contains rich media and formatted text but does not have the knowledge or time to write HTML. Design elements offered by PHPKB help your knowledge base documents to be more than just big blocks of text; they present your knowledge in a meaningful way. The knowledge management tool provide ready made objects for posting notes, notices, alerts, tips, quotations etc.

Design Elements Notes

How to add design element to your contents?

Adding a design element is a single click job. In the WYSIWYG editor, click on the first plugin icon in the custom toolbar (screenshot below). A dialog will open, choose the design element of your choice and click on the title of an element to insert it in the WYSIWYG editor.

Design Elements Icon


Design elements have an impact on how a piece of work is perceived and used. For instance, a component for calling extra attention to a certain piece of information. People’s attention is limited and readers are happy if useful information is available in front of their eyes, and design elements help here. They help in grabbing the user attention by posting useful messages in beautiful components.

Design Element Editor Preview

Multi-Colored Elements

PHPKB offer design elements in different colours-colour can help the organization of a design, and emphasize specific areas or actions.

For Example:

  • Alerts are often displayed using a strong colour like Red.
  • Yellow often indicates a warning that might need attention.
  • Green often indicates something successful or positive.
  • Blue often indicates a neutral informative change or action.

The design element "Notices" can be used to notify the user about something special: danger, success, information or warning.

Design Elements Notices

Status Elements

A knowledge base can be used by internal teams and you can utilize articles to assign tasks to employees. The Status elements help to mark the progress of the tasks assigned. For Instance, in progress, if the team member is working on an assigned task. Change the status to "complete" when it is finished.

Design Elements Status

Fully Responsive

These components are fully responsive and look equally good on both desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile View

Design Elements Mobile View

Desktop View

Design ElementsDesktop View

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