Estimated Reading Time

PHPKB display the estimated reading time in every article to encourage users to read a knowledge base article.



Estimated Reading Time for Knowledge Base Articles

When you are writing a new knowledge article, your primary focus is on getting more people to read your article. However, you also need to increase the time each user spends on your knowledge base so that a user get answers to his questions and you get lesser support requests. This time shows user engagement, builds loyalty, and boosts your conversions.

An estimated reading time encourages users to read a knowledge base article instead of clicking away.

Have a look at the image below to see how the 'Estimated Reading Time' is displayed on knowledge base articles.

Estimated Reading Time

How Estimated Reading Time is calculated?

The concept of calculating reading time is very simple. Let’s assume that an average adult reads 200 words per minute. So, the reading time of a 1000-word article will be the number of words divided by 200, which is 5 minutes. Of course, you don’t have to calculate the read time of all your articles manually. This is why we have added the estimated reading time feature on article pages (as shown in the screenshot above). This encourages users by telling them how much time it will take them to read a knowledge base article.

Formula: It is calculated as (number of words in an article / 200 words per minute).

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