Event Log

Event Log in PHPKB helps admins oversee changes made inside the knowledge base, across various modules.



Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise Editions of PHPKB software.

PHPKB knowledge base software has a unique event logging feature that tracks who did what, when and where in the knowledge base. This helps admins to monitor the knowledge base performance and keep track of potential workflow disruptions. Tracking changes without an event log is easy in a small knowledge base (less than 50 articles) because the changes can be conveyed in team verbally or through emails. However, keeping track of changes in a large knowledge base with many admins, content writers and end-users is tedious. Therefore, every change made to a specific module in the knowledge base should be recorded and easily trackable, so that a superuser (knowledge base administrator) is aware of the changes made by the admin-level account holders such as writers and editors. The event log feature in PHPKB knowledge management software helps oversee these changes made in the knowledge base. Event log focuses on four key areas:

  • What the change was?
  • Who made this change?
  • When it was made?
  • Where the change was made?

Event Log

Event Log can capture many types of information. For example, it can capture all user-related events such as logon sessions, failed password attempts. It can also record different application events, such as article creation, deletion or other related events. The Event Log panel stores and displays the following information based on user or system actions:

  • User Management (events per user)
  • Article Management Events
  • API Event Log
  • Category Management Events
  • User Activity (Reading articles/ exporting articles/ rating articles etc.)
  • Ticket Log
  • News Management Log
  • Statistics Log

The event log supplies one of the most effective ways of tracking knowledge base information. It provides increased security, transparency, and gives valuable insight into your environment.

Event Log Analyzer in PHPKB

An essential first step in effectively managing knowledge base is to analyze event logs generated by knowledge base software. The PHPKB knowledge base software provides searchable log repository with the aim of making log data readily understandable by all. The event log can be searched using any combination of user, section, area and action.

Event Log Search Filters

PHPKB knowledge base software built-in-filters helps in quickly finding the information you are looking for by limiting search output to the relevant log entries. The software has Search Event Log section with many filter options to narrow the log records. It also has Reading Report that show the articles and news viewed by a user and Action Log to view the log entries of a single user.

Exporting Event Log in PHPKB

PHPKB knowledge base tool come with the facility to export the event log to an external system in two formats i.e. CSV and PDF. The superuser can export data from the event log to generate a quick report or to meet compliance needs like an external audit. This gives you greater visibility into changes and reduce the time of investigating changes.

Export Event Log

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