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Our knowledge base software allows your KB users to export articles to multiple formats.



PHPKB knowledge base software facilitate your employees and customers to export the knowledge base articles in multiple formats such as Word, PDF. The export feature give your users privilege to create a PDF/Word document that contains only the information they need to review.

Why PHPKB Export feature is beneficial for you?
  • Exporting articles into offline documents such as Word or PDF prove to be really helpful in improving productivity. It makes it easier for employees and customers to instantly find answers to what they're looking for whenever and wherever they need it!
  • Bulk export feature is really important for your employees as one may want to export all his documents and review them and then make changes and import them.

Export Options

PHPKB knowledge management software allows you to either export a single or all of the knowledge base articles.

Export Individual Article

PHPKB knowledge base tool provides the ability to your Knowledge base users to export the individual article, as they may prefer print versions of the Knowledge base documentation.

Export Formats Supported

Individual articles can be exported in two formats:

  • Export as Word: The option is useful for users who want to export article in editable format. For instance, the option is useful for your active users, who don't have admin role but want to contribute some additional information to article. They can export the article and can submit it you for review.

  • Export as PDF: One problem with exporting documents Word is that when you share a file from one computer to the next, the formatting can prove very different. This can cause confusion or damage your reputation among your clients or colleagues. You can rest easier with the PDF format, your document will be presented exactly how you lay it out. It is also ideal for sharing documents that are intended to be printed out.
Customizing the appearance of PDF exports

PHPKB knowledge base allows you to customize the export function. You have the facility to provide the customized header and footer for PDF files.

Export PDF customization Options

Export Articles in Bulk (PAID)

We have a special "Bulk Export Module" (paid) available that can be purchased to export articles in bulk from selected categories to a single PDF/DOC/HTML file as and when required. This special module uses the 'WKHTMLtoPDF' utility (free) to output the contents of bulk articles to PDF format. There are no special utilities required for bulk export to DOC or HTML formats. Bulk export tool is very useful to download the knowledge base as a PDF and share it offline. You can utilise this bulk export tool to generate support manual, ebook, or help guides, etc.

Export Formats Supported
  • Export as PDF
  • Export as HTML
  • Export as Doc

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