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PHPKB software offers the facility for your users to create a collection of their favorite knowledge base articles.



Favorite articles allow your customers to create personalized collections of articles in their user accounts for future reference. Allowing users to add favorite articles offers another way to engage with your content.

Why Add Favorite Articles in PHPKB?

The motive of every business is to decrease bounce rate and boost user engagement on their knowledge base. PHPKB knowledge base allows you to engage customers through various feedback options. However, the effortless engagement is through "My Favorites" feature where users have to click a button to add the article to favorites. Allowing users to add favorite articles helps registered users revisit their favorite articles. It will also help you understand what kind of content users like on your knowledge base, and you can pay more attention on those contents.

My Favorites

Allow Users to Add Favorite Articles in PHPKB

You can allow users to save their favorite articles by enabling the "Add to Favorite?" setting available in "Articles Settings" of Manage Settings area. Once enabled, users can save/delete their favorite articles.

Enable Favorites

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