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Draw attention to articles that are considered to be important, to make it easier for users to find these articles.



What are Featured Articles?

In the context of a knowledge base, Featured Articles are articles that are selected and highlighted by the knowledge base administrators or editors for their importance, relevance, or popularity. These articles may be chosen based on a variety of criteria, such as their relevance to current events, their popularity among users, or their importance for the organization.

The purpose of featuring articles is to draw attention to articles that are considered to be of particular importance or value, and to make it easier for users to find these articles. Featured articles may be prominently displayed on the knowledge base's homepage, or in a dedicated section for featured articles.

By featuring articles, a knowledge base can help to ensure that important information is easily accessible to its users, and can help to ensure that users are able to find the information they need more quickly and easily. This can help to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the knowledge base, and can lead to improved user satisfaction and engagement.

Featured articles are listed above normal articles, so that your visitors can easily notice them. No matter if you are browsing the categories or viewing the search results, featured articles would always be displayed on top of normal articles.

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With PHPKB, you can set up your articles as featured by just marking a single checkbox and let them stand out of the rest. For instance, the articles that are commonly used by customers, or articles related to new releases can be made featured to let your customers self-serve.

Featured articles also show up in a different section on the home page of knowledge base. You are not limited to feature only one article, you can feature as many articles as you want.

Featured Articles on Home Page

  • Ensures visibility: The featured articles appear at top in search results and category navigations. Therefore, they will always grab the attention of customers.
  • Relevant Data: Featured articles ensures that users get the pertinent data first. For example, if you mark the solution of suddenly arose problem as featured, users with problem would get the desired results with ease without creating a panic situation for them.
  • Goodwill: When users get answers to what they are looking for with ease, it gives them indication that your content is well-made, informative and useful and it maintains your goodwill and wins user’s trust.

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