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Collecting and acting upon customer feedback is a must for any business looking to provide users with the products they need. Customer feedback guides and informs your decision making and influences your product roadmap. PHPKB knowledge base software comes with a variety of feedback channels to receive feedback from the users of your knowledge base. It allows your knowledge base users to:

  • Submit feedback via email and contact forms
  • Rate the articles (on a scale of 1 to 5 stars)
  • Tell if an article was helpful or not.
  • Use comment box to post their valueable comments on knowledge articles. Comments can be set to auto-approve and displayed immediately, or to pending so they require approval by an administrator before they become visible to everyone.
Gather User Feedback

PHPKB 9 offers the smartest way to get instant feedback from your knowledgebase readers to improve the content quality and reduce bounce rate. It features a feedback plugin that lets you get valuable feedback from your readers via a simple question: "Did you find this article helpful?".

Article Feedback

The plugin gives them the ability to vote with YES or NO. If a user votes NO, the software requests the user to specify detailed reason for the negetive feedback provided by him on the article.

Negative Feedback Reason

Article Feedback Message

View positive or negative response on each article separately in the manage articles section of the admin area. It is simple, yet a valuable way to increase customer satisfaction.

Feedback Moderation

This feature allows you to moderate clients' feedback before their comments are published. All the commentes posted by end users are moderated before they are published to the knowledge base. You can also turn off this feature from admin section so that comments do not require moderation before getting published.

Subscription Options

Visitors can subscribe to specific articles, entire knowledge base via email to stay in touch with your knowledge base.

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