Files & Downloads Area

A dedicated files and downloads area to share important files with your end users in a safe and secure manner.



Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise Editions of PHPKB software.

PHPKB knowledge management software offers a secure file sharing & downloads area in the knowledge base where you can share files with your users in a secure manner and keep track of their download activity. The files & downloads area in the knowledge base creates a categorized list of all files by their folders (categories), allowing multi-level browsing and easy filtering of the files by folder/size, etc. Files can be located by searching for keywords or tags, letting your users quickly find what they need. File downloads can also be made accessible only to specific user groups, letting you easily control who has access to which files.

File Downloads

Organizing & Managing Files

PHPKB makes organizing your files so easy. You can create parent and child folders to organize the files properly. Folders help you in organizing your files into easily manageable portions.

Folder Management

Secure Downloads

PHPKB serves a file byte-by-byte for download without providing the direct link to protect from direct download. It does this by sending the file securely via a download script to the user so that he will not recognize where it came from (the real path). No one can link to a file directly and bypass the download security. PHPKB changes the filename to a random GUID after it is uploaded so the end-users can not guess the name of the uploads folder and the filenames contained inside.

File Sharing (Security Features)
  • A dedicated file sharing area to share your policies and other important documents securely with the users.
  • Secure upload and download of files in the knowledge base.
  • Unlimited parent and child folders for proper categorization of files.
  • Private folders for access restriction to certain files.
  • An index page to list all files by category in the public knowledge base.
  • Keep track of the file download activity.
  • Multi-level browsing and easy filtering of files.
  • Searching files by keywords.
  • Restricted access to a particular folder for a user group.

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