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Fully Responsive Knowledge Base Software

Responsive Knowledge Base

PHPKB knowledge base software has a fully-responsive design layout which guarantees that any user on any device will have the best experience possible on your knowledge base. The web is no longer prohibited by desktop and laptop computers. Consumers are choosing to use their smart phone or tablet to access the knowledge in favor of a personal computer or laptop. Even with the recent Google algorithm update, a responsive web design increases visibility on search engines—because it is mobile-friendly i.e. a knowledge base with an effective mobile experience will show up in search results above one without. Therefore, to serve the exponentially growing numbers users surfing the web with hand-held devices we've ensured that PHPKB knowledge management software is optimized whether you're viewing it on your iMac or your iPhone.

Mobile Device Detection

PHPKB knowledge base tool can auto-detect if your end-users are visiting the knowledge base from their iPhone, iPad or Android device and offer them with a mobile-optimized version of your knowledge base, thus, makes easier for your customers to access knowledge documents on both desktops and mobile devices. Unlike most knowledge base softwares, PHPKB knowledge management software not only provide a responsive design for your end users but also for content-writers so they can create knowledge base contents from anywhere as per their convenience.

A mobile responsive design is when a knowledge base is displayed on a mobile device and it automatically adjusts its sizing, layout, and proportions to display legibly on the device. PHPKB knowledge management system makes sure that:

  • Knowledge base is adjustable to all screen sizes.
  • Text, images, and buttons are automatically adjusted to fit on the device.
  • Multi-column layouts adjust to a single column.
  • Knowledge management content is easy to access with both a mouse and a touchscreen.
  • Knowledge sharing is as simple on mobile devices as on a desktop.
Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Knowledge Base Software

Knowledge base traffic trend has changed significantly over the past few years with the rapid growth of smartphone usage. The change has meant that people's expectations of how a knowledge base needs to look on a mobile device has changed too. Therefore it is important to make sure all your visitors have a wonderful surfing experience, regardless of what type of device (desktop, tablets and mobile) they're using to access your knowledge base.

An effective knowledge base delivers that exact immediate information customers are looking for – in an organized way that’s user friendly and easy to use on their devices. A knowledge sharing platform that takes too long to download, or is difficult to navigate on a mobile device, will shift the users to a competitor product. Thus, PHPKB knowledge base software makes sure that your knowledge documents should look great on all devices regardless of their shape or sizes as it is now crucial to your online success.

The 'mobile device detection' feature of PHPKB knowledge base software automatically detects if the user is viewing the knowledge base from a mobile device and loads mobile-optimized version of the knowledge base. Having a mobile version of your knowledge base not only helps in easy access of information but has several key advantages:

  • Better search visibility
  • Improved user experience
  • Increased lead generation
  • Improved brand identity

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