Geographic Traffic Analytics

Identify the countries, regions, or subcontinents where your knowledge base gets most of its visitors.



Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise Editions of PHPKB software.

Detecting the geographic location of your knowledgebase users is useful for a variety of reasons. You might for instance want to know from which countries you are receiving more visits, display different content perhaps in different languages for people from different countries, or display targeted information to visitors from different locations. Whatever your reasons might be, PHPKB knowledge base software offers country-wise traffic analytics of your knowledgebase.

Geographic Distribution Report

PHPKB uses an IP address lookup service to get the location of your knowledge base visitors and displays the traffic analytics report beautifully on the World Map as shown below. By looking at the Geo Distribution report, you can identify the countries, regions, or subcontinents where your knowledge base gets most of its visitors. You can filter the traffic statistics by date range of your choice.

Geographic Distribution Report

In addition to being able to see the total traffic for a selected time period, you can also know the traffic share % from each country under the world map.

Country-Wise Traffic Statistics

Clicking on the traffic count for a specific country will further expand its details underneath that row as shown below.

Country-Wise Traffic Data

You can save all of the metrics in the table by exporting to CSV/Excel/PDF formats or print them.

Report Export Menu

Benefits of Geographic Traffic Analytics

You can use the information provided by traffic analytics report in a competitive analysis to understand what global markets your users are coming from. With this, you can discover a region that could represent a new opportunity for your business.

Note: Traffic Analytics are available only in enterprise editions of PHPKB software.

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