Highlight Search Words

Highlighting allows to quickly locate searched words or phrases in the search results and searched document/article.



Isn't it an annoying experience for you when you click on a search result and discover that it doesn't belong to you or you have to use Ctrl+F to find your search terms? Highlighted search terms prevent all this by showing matching terms in a result, right on the search results page. PHPKB highlights the individual search keywords and ignore all the non-word characters like punctuations, etc.

Higlighted Search Words

With highlighted search keywords, it becomes easy to scan the results and determine their relevance. Even though PHPKB searches are based on a full-text search system, which provides extremely fast and incredibly accurate search results but it can't match human intelligence. Only the user who is searching for information can know about the context. For example, in the screenshot above, user searched for a term "LDAP Integration" and search engine returned three results with highlighted search terms. The first result is based on both the terms and third result is based on single term, so with highlighted terms, it becomes easy for user to find the the desired articles swiftly.

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