Identity & Access Management

Allow secure access to knowledge base with single identity account present on your system.



Organizations around the world ensure that employees, customers and business partners all have appropriate, secure access to information and technology resources. Identity and access management solutions overcome the challenges of security of enterprise resources. Identity management solution allows organizations to function at extreme speed, simultaneously providing the integrity that confers insights, governance and minimizes risk.

Why is identification & access management required?

In traditional access management approach, every application in an organization managed the user’s identity and access privileges separately. For example, if user Claudia, wants to access four web applications of your organization, she has to create and manage accounts for each application which is a cumbersome task.

User accounts for different applications

Organizations too have to face issues such as administrative pain of managing multiple accounts. The identity and access management helps to cut back on these overheads with its feature Single Sign On—or "SSO".

Identity and Access Management Implementation in PHPKB

PHPKB provides you the facility of SSO that means your users only have to create one set of logins in your own system and they'll automatically have login credentials for PHPKB knowledge base software, saving your team time and efforts.

Signle Sign On for Multiple Applications

Risks Associated with Identification & Access Management

Implementing proper identity and access management tools or platforms means storing all authorizations and credentials in one unified place. When not secured correctly, this can be a huge risk because if an attacker gains access to the system, all digital identities can be compromised. Similarly, if a specific employee that is authorized to the system does not follow security or password best practices, all the information could be easily leaked.

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