Layout Choices

An easy and well-designed layout will make your users want to refer to the knowledge base when they need any help.



A good layout keeps users on the knowledge base because it makes information easily accessible and intuitive to find. On the other hand, poor design frustrates users, and they will then quickly leave the site because they can’t find what they were searching for. There’s a strong relationship between the layout and the engagement of users with the knowledge base.

Why do you Need a Good Layout?

Studies show that 94% of first-impressions are design-driven; not only that, but it takes less than half a second for a visitor to form an opinion of your knowledge base. Another study showed that nearly half of all web visitors decide if your knowledge base is worthy of their time based on simple design alone. Colours and graphics certainly contribute to a site’s design, but it’s the layout that serves the most important when it comes to user experience and conversions. PHPKB knowledge base software offers several customization options in the admin panel to change the layout of your knowledge base pages.


The layouts give you the facility to make the knowledge base consistent with your website. For instance, if your website is fluid, you can choose the fluid layout option in the knowledge base, and your users will not notice the transition from your website to third party software.

Knowledge Base Layout Settings

Easy Access

You can choose the layout to make the contents easily accessible for your users. As a business owner, no one can understand your users better than you; therefore, PHPKB knowledge management software facilitates you to organize the components in a way that are easily visible to users.

Faster Load Times

The knowledge base software comes with a bundle of features; all of them might not be useful for you, and you can switch them off from the manage settings. By removing the unnecessary features, you are certainly improving the knowledge base performance.

How to choose the layout in PHPKB?
  1. Log in to the admin panel and move to the Manage Settings section.
  2. Click on the Feature Settings to check all the layout options.

    Knowledge Base Layout Settings

  3. Choose the themes as per your choice to make the knowledge base match your website.

You can learn about all the layout options available in PHPKB knowledge base software from

Practices Followed By PHPKB for Layout Designing
Simple to Use

You need not have to figure out how layouts work. Instead, organize the contents as per your convenience so that your web traffic should get the information they need quickly and easily.


76% of consumers want a knowledge base that makes information easy to find. You can do that by making your layout predictable. You can design the knowledge base which follows the natural direction of human eyesight and attention.


The layouts are clear and orderly. Most importantly, layouts make it clear what’s expected of visitors once they land.

Designs for Skimmers

PHPKB knowledge base offers theme options for skimmers without any elaborative details.


The PHPKB offer a similar and superior user experience no matter what type of device your visitors may be using.

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