Multifunctional Dashboard

A multifunctional dashboard that showcase vital metrics that helps you to anticipate if things are going as intended.



PHPKB knowledge base software has a multifunctional dashboard which offers you a real-time, holistic view of your knowledge base; it show you selected reports, charts or other elements in an easy to read and understandable format. User friendly dashboard helps knowledge content writers and editors to determine the usage and quality of their knowledge content and ensure the proper processes and procedures are being followed for content creation.


PHPKB knowledge management system provides dashboards as per user roles to provide them with the information they need to decide and plan their time.

  • Writer Dashboard: PHPKB has a dashboard for the writer, showing key information on his articles such as pending articles, pending drafts.
  • Editor Dashboard: Dashboard for editors showcase traffic report, pending tickets and comments of articles.
  • Superuser Dashboard: The knowledge base dashboard provides you with the top-level metrics of all the articles you have published in your help desk. It helps superusers monitor knowledge base; an overview of the knowledge base content, users and traffic reports of the whole knowledge base.
PHPKB Knowledge Base Dashboard Anatomy

The knowledge base dashboard gives information about your written articles. Here are some metrics that you can track from the dashboard section of your knowledge base:

  • The number of visits your articles have received in last 15 days.
  • The header notification of auto-saved articles from last session.
  • Total visits you have received for the current day.
  • Total and pending tickets present in the knowledge base.
  • Total and pending comments present in the knowledge base.
  • Notifications on pending items to make documents more attractive.
  • The number of comments that were left by your customers is shown on the dashboard.
  • Global search to find articles easily.

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