PHPKB's notification system keeps your customers and employees updated about any changes in knowledge articles.



Efficient notification system helps you send real-time updates and reminders to engage your audience with your company. PHPKB knowledge base software not only has external notification system for end users but also has internal notification system for your knowledge base administrators.

External Notification System

External email notifications to end users can considerably enhance your customer experience. They’re less intrusive than other forms of user engagement, help users by providing latest updates and useful information.

Subscription Notifications

PHPKB knowledge base tool has a powerful subscription system that sends the subscription emails to subscribers whenever changes are made to the subscribed article or whenever new articles are added to the knowledgebase. This is a very useful feature as it not helps you to notify your users with latest information but also engage your customers and keep their trust.

Comment Approval Notifications

PHPKB knowledge base allows you to moderate the comments before publishing them. This feature saves you from spam and abusive comments but can annoy end users if they wouldn't don't get timely status update on their comment. Therefore, PHPKB knowledge management system sends the approval notifications to your customers and increase your goodwill because customers feel connected and cared.

Ticket Notifications

When users submit a ticket, they wait for the update desperately. But checking the system (My Tickets) for the updates continuously can irritate and can cause a lack of trust. However, PHPKB ensures to send email notification to a ticket submitter whenever an administrator replies to a ticket which builds the confidence in your customers.

Internal Notification System

Without proper notifications, employees can miss or misinterpret an information. Poor communication can cause an organization failing to have a lack of direction and employees not working towards the same goals. PHPKB knowledge management software's internal notification system improves internal communication by providing timely email notifications to your knowledge base staff so they never miss important information. This results in improved employee morale, boosted employee engagement, better staff retention and an increase in productivity and profitability.

Pending Tasks Notifications

A pending task notification is sent to admin users when a task is in staged status. PHPKB knowledge management software sends following pending task notifications to its administrators.

  • Comment Moderation Notification: An email notification to approve/disapprove a comment is sent to editors and superusers whenever any end user posts a new comment in the knowledge base.
  • Ticket Notifications: A new notification is sent on all the addresses specified under "Contact Email Address(es)" setting when a new ticket is received in your knowledge base.

    Contact Notification Setting

Feedback Notifications

Feedbacks make sure your articles are sufficiently solving your customers' problems and are essential in delivering effective self help to the customers. Users can provide feedback through various feedback channels in PHPKB knowledge base software. End-users can provide comments feedback on an article regarding accuracy, completeness, grammar, duplicates, etc. which helps content writers to improve the article and fulfill the user expectations. Therefore, PHPKB immediately notify the writer of an article about the new comment posted on his article.

Article Review Notifications

Ensure content is up-to-date and verified. Assign reviewers to individual articles and PHPKB will remind them to review the content to keep it fresh and accurate.

Reviewers (editors/superusers) are notified when an article is ready for them to review, i.e. when the writer posts a new article or edits an existing article it goes to a pending state, and the system sends a notification to editors and superusers to approve the article. This helps the reviewers about the pending articles and they need not to waste time in continuously checking for new pending articles. The writer of an article is also notified about the article status after it is reviewed.

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