Organize Knowledge Base Articles

PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to organize your knowledge base articles in a number of ways.



PHPKB allows you to organize your knowledge articles in their respective categories in a number of ways listed below.

  • By Alphabetic order
  • By Last Updated Date Time
  • By Popularity of knowledge articles
  • By Priority number for a custom sort order
Custom Ordering by Priority

PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to sort the articles manually by priority.

  • Category Wise: You can assign custom sort order to the articles in a particular category. You may modify the sort order in which the articles are displayed on the category page by assigning/modifying a priority number to the article.
  • Article Wise: You can assign custom sort order for an article in each of its categories. Each category can have different order of same article.
Why it matters?

Some knowledge articles are more important than others. To deliver an effective knowledge base to your customers, it's important to increase the visibility of articles that relate to the most frequently asked questions.

Manually Changing the Order of Articles

You can reorder the articles in a category to ensure important content is placed at the top where it will be one of the first things your readers see. This will help your customers find what they need with ease.

  • To re-order your articles in a category, you need to first set the value of "Sort Articles By" setting to "Priority".

    Reorder Article Setting

  • Now move to "Manage Categories" section and choose the "Reorder Articles" action from the "Actions" menu for the category whose articles you want to priortize.
  • The "Reorder Articles" screen displays all the articles of a selected category with the provision to filter articles on the basis of status. Manage the display as per your preference.

    Reorder Articles

  • Add the priority for articles in corresponding "Priority" column.
  • Save the changes and close the screen.
  • Move to front-end knowledge base and navigate to category page to check the display of articles with newly assigned priorities.
  • Note:

    You may turn off manual ordering and revert to the system-defined sorting options at any time. All you need to do is set the value of "Sort Articles By" setting to Alphabetically or Popularity or Update date Time.

Best Practices For Ordering Your Articles

To help your customers find what they need, carefully consider which articles should come first in your knowledge base.

Place the Most Important Articles First

Carefully consider which articles are most valuable for your customers - these are the articles they’ll look for first so they should be front and center. For example, if you have a collection called ‘Tracking progress’ and it’s full of FAQ articles, place the question customers ask most first.

Order Them as Per the Workflow

If your articles make more sense coming one after the other, like if together they make up a workflow, you could arrange them that way too. For example, your install article should come before your configuration article. This works well if you have mostly how-to articles in a particular collection.

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