Paste Content from MS Office Documents

PHPKB automatically cleans up content copied from Microsoft Word, Excel and HTML files to ensure clean articles.



Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise Editions of PHPKB software.

The enterprise edition of PHPKB knowledge base software offers a new plugin, "Paste from MS Office" that provides clean copy-paste of content from MS Word, Excel, and documents from other popular content tools. It adds the "Paste from MS Office" toolbar button which opens up the content paste dialog box and makes it possible to paste clipboard data only on demand.

Paste from MS Office

It automatically cleans up content from Microsoft Word, Excel and HTML sources to ensure clean, compliant content for knowledge articles. The plugin imports the word images and upload them to server without any additional effort. IE 11 doesn’t support the import of word images due to its security issues. However, this functionality works efficiently in latest version of Chrome, Firefox and IE edge browsers.

Paste from Microsoft Word
Paste from Word

While filtering the content being pasted from Microsoft Word, it preserves the formatting and structure of the original document. Invalid and proprietary styles, tags and attributes are removed ensuring that the HTML is valid and closely matches to the formatting of original document.

If you paste content from Microsoft Word into your knowledge articles, you probably know the published article usually doesn’t match the site’s style. Fonts can be different, images missing and formatting not the same as of original document. This can be time consuming for content authors to fix, and usually involves manually editing HTML code. PHPKB knowledge base software automatically cleans pasted content, fixing these issues. Moreover, it automatically upload images to a server, helping you spend time on more productive tasks.

Paste from Microsoft Excel
Paste from Excel

PHPKB software also takes care of tabular content pasted from Excel into your knowledge articles, automatically creating HTML compliant tables in the process. While developers are very familiar writing HTML tables, most content creators literally don’t know where to start. And then there’s the issue of manually entering their Excel data into the table. This isn’t a fun experience either. For users of both Word and Excel, this plugin will dramatically improve the content production experience you deliver to your clients.

  • NOTE: Due to limitations in Excel online (part of Office Live), it does not support pasting from Excel online. If you paste content using Excel in Office Live you will get a plain text representation of the content.
Paste Content from Web
Paste from Web

PHPKB software also works its auto-magic for the cut and paste content from the web into your knowledge articles. Just as it cleans up rogue formatting from sources like MS Word, it does the same for web content. It removes classes, minimizing the chance of unwanted CSS overriding your stylesheets.

It also does the same for images, automatically linking to the source image URL. Perfect content, every time.

Automatically Imports & Upload Images

This plugin will also import images from pasted Microsoft Word & Excel content. When doing this, it extracts Base64 encoded images from the clipboard, convert them to PNG format and upload to the knowledge base assets.

  • NOTE: Images larger than approximately 8.5MB may fail to import based on technical limitations of web browsers.
Paste from MS Office Plugin Features
  • Preservation of list numbering, styling and indentation (for example, nested lists with multiple levels, with different styling or custom list markers).
  • Document structure parsing that fixes plenty of issues with distorted or missing content after paste.
  • Smarter inline formatting, including preserving text or background color.
  • Handling hotlinked images.
  • Clean and valid HTML markup.

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