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Enhance User Experience with Contextual Knowledge

Welcome to the "Related Articles" feature of PHPKB Knowledge Management Software - a powerful tool designed to enrich the user experience by providing relevant, contextually linked information at their fingertips.

In today's information-driven world, the ability to quickly find relevant information is crucial. The 'Related Articles' feature in PHPKB enhances knowledge discovery, making it easier for users to locate and explore content that is related to their current query or interest.

Why 'Related Articles' Matter?

Typically, users might not find the precise information they're seeking on their initial search attempt. To enhance their experience and reduce the need for repeated searches, the related articles section presents content relevant to the article currently being viewed (as shown in the screenshot below). This feature aids users in uncovering additional useful articles, potentially resolving their queries independently and reducing the necessity to submit a support request.

Related Articles

Key Benefits

  • Improved Navigation: Users can seamlessly navigate between articles, thanks to intelligently suggested related content.
  • Enhanced Learning: Promotes a deeper understanding by offering additional resources on similar topics.
  • Increased Engagement: Keeps users engaged with a wider array of articles, reducing the bounce rate.
  • Time-Saving: Saves time by presenting related information without the need for additional searches.

How related articles work?

PHPKB Knowledge Base Software utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to analyze article content and suggest related topics. Related articles are suggested through a relevance-based system, aiding users in uncovering additional helpful articles and enhancing their self-service success. These suggestions are powered by a machine learning model that considers article category and various relevance criteria, ensuring an optimal experience for your knowledge base users.

How to enable related articles in the knowledge base software?

The admin users with "Superuser" role can enable the "Related Articles" feature from "Article Settings" area of PHPKB knowledge base software.

Enable Related Articles

Once enabled, a related articles section will appear (as shown in the image above) on the article pages either under article content or in a sidebar as per the selected layout preference. It will display articles related to the one they are currently reading.

Use Cases

  • Employee Training: Quickly guides learners to additional resources on a subject, enhancing the training process.
  • Customer Support: Helps customers find answers to related queries, reducing support tickets.
  • Research and Collaboration: Encourages exploration and learning in research settings.


The 'Related Articles' feature of PHPKB is a gateway to a rich, interconnected knowledge base. By offering relevant, related content, we aim to enhance the overall knowledge discovery experience for your users.

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