Saved Drafts

Save a draft of your work-in-progress article, which is not complete enough to be published.



Content is the biggest value for knowledge base, when you’re working with knowledge base, it is not necessary to show article contents for public immediately. You might want to create a blueprint which is a outline for the finished piece; PHPKB knowledge management allows you to save your incomplete work as saved draft and can resume editing later.

In addition to drafts that you save manually, there are autosaved drafts. You can set period for autosaving feature, and current article instance you edit will be saved automatically to drafts each time. When you’ll open this article once again, it’ll prompt you to resume with the last saved draft you have.

Publish Only When You are Ready to Publish

With drafts feature, you can continue editing your pages without having to worry about your visitors seeing your unfinished work. This makes your workflow more flexible, because you can revisit your published articles, and tweak them without fear using your new ‘draft’ playground.

For instance: Suppose you are creating an article and you have to leave your desk in between to attend an urgent meeting. Without the PHPKB knowledge base software's draft feature, you are left with two options; either publish the incomplete document or discard it completely. However, with saved drafts you can save the copy of an article which would be visible to you but not to your customers.

Use Cases for Saved Drafts
  • Saved drafts helps writers determine what sections to pay closer attention in refining the piece further.
  • If content writers are unsure of any content, they can save the draft and seek suggestions from team mates before publishing the final version.
  • The content writers have time to gather and refine all the ideas and concepts.
  • Helpful when content writers have to suspend their work temporarily to attend other urgent calls.
Manage Saved Drafts

To view and manage the saved drafts, go to "Manage Articles" and click on "Drats" tab. You can "Discard", "Modify" or "Publish" the draft from the manage drafts section.

Manage Saved Drafts

Saved Drafts Features
  • Create unlimited number of drafts.
  • Facility to preview the draft articles.
  • Facility to discard the drafts.
  • Facility to modify the drafts.
  • Facility to publish the drafts.
  • Superusers can view drafts of every admin user.

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