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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of getting organic traffic to your knowledge base and 93% of all web traffic comes via a search engine. SEO is important for the success of any online business because search engines have become an integral part of everyone's life. Without a proper SEO strategy for your knowledge base, you might miss a well-established internet presence. An well-optimized knowledge base software not only helps in reducing time of your support team but also increases your business's footprint on the search engines with its categorized collection of support articles and documents.

Why your knowledge base need SEO?

  1. For knowledge base articles, it’s crucial that they appear in search results when customers are looking for help. The content writers likely spent a lot of time in generating good quality articles. But their efforts would be in vain if your knowledge base articles cannot be discovered through search engines. Therefore, SEO is as important to your knowledge base’s success as the content itself.
  2. Organic traffic takes efforts to build, but it reaps ongoing benefits. For instance, when your customers want to know more about a specific feature of your business, they would most likely to search it through search engines. Search engines display several helpful and relevant articles. Having a search engine optimized knowledge base would help in listing your contents at higher ranks, making you reach to your customers easily.
  3. Optimized knowledge base content is a great way to show your customers you care about their experience. It not only helps your existing customers, but also attract potential customers. For example, writing general articles or tutorials about your products or services would make you discoverable by users does not know about your business but would get a chance to know about your company, and possibly become your customers down the lane.

How PHPKB helps in SEO of your Knowledge base?

PHPKB knowledge base software helps in getting your knowledge base indexed properly on search engines through both technical and content SEO processes. Our knowledge management tool not only assist in Content SEO i.e. creating content that is structured and organzed properly but also helps in technical SEO for search engines to determine them the true nature of your content.

knowledge base software seo features

Technical SEO Tools

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your knowledge base for access, crawl, interpret and index your knowledge base with no problems.

Responsive Design

Google's recent algorithm only rank mobile responsive pages in mobile search results. Most of people now search for things via their phones or tablets, and PHPKB knowledge base's responsive design that fits well on every device don't let you miss out this significant part of your user base.

PageSpeed Score

From SEO perspective, page speed is a major factor in determining the page rank. Pages that take a long time to load experience a higher bounce rate, which negatively impacts SEO. Ideally, a knowledge base article should load within 3 seconds, which can be tough considering the amount of content, video and image files that many knowledge base pages contain. However, PHPKB is excellent when it comes to speed and performance. No other knowledge management software can match the speed and performance of PHPKB while being fully secure and stable.

page speed score

Sitemap Generation

PHPKB knowledge management tool has in-built sitemap builder that provide semantic markup that give search engines hierarchical details of your knowledge base documents.

SEO Friendly Links

PHPKB software comes with three types of SEO URLs that are short, unique and focused on your article title, removing stop words like "the" and "and".

Canonical Links

Our knowledge base software adds the canonical link on each duplicate knowledge base page inside the header to indicate crawlers which is the original URL to index.

Traffic Analytics

The knowledge base software has country wise traffic reports that help to know the geographical source of knowledge base traffic and helps knowledge managers to plan the content accordingly.

Social Media

The PHPKB software let your readers share content on social networks and help builds backlinks to the knowledge base pages.

Feedback Channels

PHPKB knowledge base has different feedback channels for your knowledge base readers. Users can post comments on articles, submit ratings, mark an article as helpful / not-helpful and provide feedback that helps you to decide the usefulness of content and helps in improving it, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and SEO ranking since ratings are displayed with your knowledge base articles in search engine results.

Structured Data

PHPKB allows you to add structured data i.e. markup in your knowledge base content to tell search engines what type of information document contains. PHPKB knowledge base tool itself generates the markup, you just have to enable the "SCHEMA.ORG MARKUP" setting from article settings section.

Content SEO Tools

Content SEO refers to creating content that helps your knowledge base pages to rank high in the search engines. It includes everything related with writing and structuring of content on your knowledge base.

SEO Title

The page title (article title) is an essential part of SEO optimization because it is read by search engine crawlers and seen by users while searching the web; therefore, PHPKB knowledge base software display them in H1 tag which will show up as the main title in the SERPs. A good page title will clearly describe the content of your page in a reader-friendly way. Article titles with proper keyword usage add relevance and help your customers locate the right knowledge base article, and a well-constructed title will increase your likelihood of standing out in search results.

Meta Keywords

Keywords are an integral part of SEO. Without relevant keywords in your content, the search engines may never find it. PHPKB knowledge base software takes care of it and facilitate you to add your keywords during article creation and it automatically generates the meta tags for keywords.

Meta Description

PHPKB allows you to add a summary section on every article where you can add a short definition of the article contents. This description is represented in a meta description tag by PHPKB, which is used on search engine results pages to display preview snippets for a document page.

Meta Tags

PHPKB knowledge base software allows you to add meta tags - little content descriptors that help tell search engines what a knowledge base page is about.


Interlinking describes the links either between knowledge base documents or with external websites. Interlinking improves SEO, because it gives search engines more context about your knowledge base and helps in understanding more about your knowledge base. PHPKB knowledge base software lets you easily hyperlink to external pages or internally with article linking with just a few clicks.

Table of Contents

PHPKB software can automatically scan the headings through your article content and create the table of contents. TOC help search engines to understand the content of your page and also improves readability.

Content SEO

The readability of your articles needs to be good, not just to help your customers learn and solve problems, but from an SEO perspective too. Knowledge base articles should be detailed enough to help customers, but well-formatted, simple and easy-to-read at the same time. PHPKB software has built-in powerful WYSIWYG editor that comes packed with advanced options for publishing knowledge base content.

Practices to improve readability:

  • Usage of headings and sub-headings to break up large bodies of text. You can make headings (h1-h6) easily with PHPKB's wysiwyg editor.
  • Images with alt-text helps search engines index your images. You can edit the alt text in through content editor.
  • Bullet point and numbered lists help search engines to understand the content of your page and also improves readability. You can easily convert your information into lists with just a single click in PHPKB's powerful editor.
  • Image Compression - PHPKB allows you to copy and paste images in editor and automatically compress them to optimum size.
  • Keeping your sentences short so that they are easy to read.
  • Using shorter words and avoiding jargon.

How to evaluate SEO ranking of your knowledge base?

There are a number of ways you can check ranking of your knowledge base to see how you are currently doing for SEO.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console tells you which of your pages have been indexed by Google for a search. The tool lets you find out which keywords your knowledge base is currently ranking for and what position you have in the results and decide on areas you want to improve.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is tracking software that records your site’s SEO performance and Google Analytics code should be installed on your knowledge base. With PHPKB knowledge base software you can easily add the analytics code in settings area and it would be integrated on all the pages of knowledge base. Google Analytics has complex metrics showing things like traffic over time, which pages are entry points to your knowledge base, and which pages cause visitors to leave.

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