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SEO URLs is an essential practice to ensure your knowledge base ranks high with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. PHPKB knowledge base allows you to create SEO friendly URLs for all your articles, categories and news, making it easily searchable through Google or any other search engine browser. URL structure can impact SEO, either a direct impact in terms of search engine ranking (search engine friendly URLs can be parsed more easily by search engines, helping their algorithms understand the content your knowledge base page will serve) or indirect impact on user experience.

PHPKB knowledge management software provides a wide range of SEO URLs options (Professional URLs, Simple URLs, Classic URLs) to let you choose URL that comply with your organization's existing URL structure.

SEO URL Settings

Best Practices Followed by PHPKB for SEO URLs?

URL works as your address on the web which is the direct way for users to visit a page (article/news/category) on your knowledge base. Therefore, a URL must reference what's on the page and help situate the visitor in locating where the page belongs in the knowledge base. The PHPKB knowledge base takes care of both these perspectives, thus generates SEO URLs from the item (articles/news/categories) titles and also integrate the hierarchical structure in the URL.For example, the Simple URL like:

in PHPKB knowledge base gives basic information about the article, and the category under which article is present.

Standard URL Structure

PHPKB follows a standard URL structure for all its SEO URL types is an important rule and depicts overall organization of your business. IT takes care of categories and subcategories and portray them in the URLs of documents that belong in each category.

  • Note: Be careful while designing category structure - too deep hierarchical structure will bog down your URLs and make them confusing rather than helpful.
Short and Simple

SEO URLs are short and to the point. PHPKB knowledge base software takes care of unnecessary words or characters and avoid keyword stuffing.

Use of Hyphens to Separate Words

URLs can't include spaces in a URL, so PHPKB knowledge base software automatically converts spaces used to separate words into hyphens. This signals the search engines where the breaks between words are and make it easier for your visitors to understand URLs.

Removal of Stop Words

In its future release, the software will drop any common stop words such as pronouns and articles which adds unnecessary length to URLs.

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