Knowledge Base Statistics

PHPKB knowledge base software offers decision-making reports & performance statistics about your knowledge base.



Powerful Knowledge Base Statistics & Reports

The reporting center in admin control panel provides overall performance statistics for the various components of your knowledge base. This helps the knowledge base administrator (knowledge manager) to get an overview of how visitors, customers, staff and partners use your knowledge base. All reports and statistics are accompanied by beautiful Flash Charts to display the knowledge base data in a graphical manner.

Various Performance Statistics
  • What articles are the most popular among knowledge base users?
  • What articles are the least popular among knowledge base users?
  • Which of the articles are being shared with friends/contacts via email the most?
  • Which of the articles are being printed the most?
  • What are the most discussed articles in your knowledge base on which the users have commented the most?
  • What are the top rated articles in your knowledge base?
  • What are the most popular, least popular categories in your knowledge base?
  • What search keywords are being used by the users to search your knowledge base?
  • What keywords return successful search results in your knowledge base (successful searches)?
  • What search keywords are not returning any results at all (failed searches)?
  • What are the most popular authors in your knowledge base?
  • Which of the authors are contributing the most to your knowledge base?
  • What were the most popular articles for a given time period (such as last month, last week, last 3 months or any custom time period range)?
  • What search engines are sending the most traffic to your knowledge base articles and for what keywords?
  • What are the popular search keywords used for a particular article on search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing)?
  • How many search referrals an article has received from search engines over a given time period (date range)?
  • How much traffic (user visits) your knowledge base is receiving per day or for a given time period (date range) and details of articles that contribute the most to that traffic?
  • What articles receive the most visits/hits on a particular day or a given time period?
Article Statistics

You can view the statistics for all articles in the knowledge base such as articles summary (total number of articles, number of approved, featured and pending articles, number of deleted articles, number of article subscribers) as well as the lists of 10 most rated, most viewed and most discussed articles.


Category Statistics

The Category Statistics module of PHPKB Knowledge Base Software shows what categories are the most popular, what categories contains no articles (empty categories) and a summary of all categories.

Reports & Statistics Screens

You are most welcome to view the screen shots of various reports and knowledge base statistics available in the admin control panel of PHPKB knowledge base software.

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