PHPKB software offers various subscription types to notify subscribers about updates in the knowledge base.



Subscription is an opportunity to keep the loyalty of customers by notifying them about your recent changes. PHPKB comes with a powerful subscription system and issues notifications that allows end-users to not only subscribe but also manage their knowledge base subscriptions. When users find that they no longer need a particular subscription, canceling subscriptions is quick and easy.

Types of Subscriptions

PHPKB offers the facility to subscribe to as little or as much content as users need - the ability to choose the entire knowledge base to the granularity of a single document/article.

Knowledge Base Subscription

Once a user setup a subscription to entire knowledge base, PHPKB send an email notification for every article that is published or modified in the knowledge base.

Category Subscription

A category subscription is more specific and allows users to target the subscription to particular categories of content within the knowledge base. For instance, it may be useful for users to keep track of issues that crop up for a particular product you own, learn of new training created for your product or stay up with product announcements.

Article Subscription

PHPKB facilitate the end-users to subscribe to an article of particular interest and get notified whenever an article is updated with new information. This subscription is useful to keep track of articles that have details of known issues and are expected to be fixed in the future or perhaps articles that document a new feature that may change over time.

Email Subscription Steps

When you have useful content in your knowledge base, and your users don’t want to miss any updates, the email subscription comes into play. But the users often find the subscription process difficult because they cannot locate the subscription form/button or subscription process is lengthy. PHPKB not only includes the small subscription form in the footer of all pages and also on category and article pages so that users can subscribe immediately if they find anything of interest.

Subscription Form

    The PHPKB has a GDPR recommended double opt-in subscription process, and it demands minimum details and a few clicks.
  • A user fills in all the required fields in the subscription form.
  • An automated subscription confirmation email is sent to the user’s email address.
  • The user is asked to confirm their identity as per double opt-in standard by clicking on the link sent in email.
  • The link takes the user to a subscription confirmation page.
  • The user’s email address is added to the database to keep him notified about the changes.
Managing Subscriptions

The enterprise editions of PHPKB offers the facility to KB users to manage their subscriptions. The users can keep track of the articles/categories they are subscribed and cancel the subscriptions if they no longer are useful to them. The cancellation is immediate, and user will not receive any further emails for that subscription.

Managing Subscriptions

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