Support Ticketing System

PHPKB offers the facility to convert web requests into tickets and keep them organized.



Having a good knowledge base is a win for everyone – your clients will find the information they need faster as PHPKB knowledge base software completely focuses on providing a self-service portal for your customers. However, there might be possibility they don't find what they are looking for.

Customer Queries

Therefore, PHPKB knowledge base software allows your customers to easily submit support tickets.

  • Your staff (admin users) can resolve customer queries and concerns by managing tickets from receipt all the way to resolution through the Admin Control Panel.
  • Once a ticket is resolved, staff members (editors and superusers) can optionally publish the ticket to your knowledge base as an article to assist others in the future.
  • The Instant Suggestions feature will search your knowledge articles for suggested solutions when your customers will composing similar support tickets. This helps customers find a solution if one exists within your knowledge base without having to contact support.
How does PHPKB support ticketing system works?
  • With PHPKB's ticketing system, users (both member and guest) submit their queries through contact page of knowledge base. The support requests are converted into tickets which can be resolved by your agents.
  • The ticket is shared between both the agent and the customer and logs their communication to one continuous thread.
  • Once the ticket is created, agents can then work on the issue. When they have updates or a resolution, they can alert the customer via the ticket.
    • Member users (users with knowledge base account) can check the agent replies from "My Tickets" section of knowledge base.
    • Customers do not need an account on your knowledge base to manage the ticket once submitted. PHPKB Ticketing system sends a ticket link when a user raise a ticket, user can use the link to check the ticket updates.
  • If the customer has any further questions or additional information, they too can use the ticket to communicate with the customer service representative.
  • The representative can check the user response from the "Unread Replies" section of the admin area, can address it immediately.
  • If there's any confusion, or if a detail is overlooked, both parties can refer back to the thread at any point to review past information on the case.
  • When the issue has finally been resolved, representative can close the ticket. Tickets can be reopened, if either party has any additional follow-up questions or requests.
  • Your staff can publish the ticket as knowledge base article, to self-service others customers having similar query.
Why PHPKB Support Ticketing System is useful for you?

The knowledge base and ticketing system are built to work hand in hand. With fast paced lifestyle, customers prefer to search for answers themselves than contacting the support for general questions. PHPKB knowledge management software serves your customers 24/7, as soon as a problem arises, they can turn to your content for help. With a well designed knowledge base, many customer queries never have the chance to turn into tickets because your customers can self-serve. But there is always a need of one-to-one interaction, when users have unanswered or personalised queries.

Cost Effective

The PHPKB knowledge base tool not only lets you create a highly efficient knowledge base to help your customers self-service but also comes with powerful ticketing system. Therefore, you need not to invest separately on a help desk software in case you have realtively low user queries having need of staff intervention. If you already deploy a help desk software, incorporating PHPKB knowledge base with your existing ticketing system, to let your agents search for solutions of user queries from well organised system. This will reduce the customer response time because agents will not have to be dependent upon other persons or departments for correct information. They can find the requisite information from the central place and can focus on customer complaints efefctively.

Self Service

Customers are always in hurry to find answers to their queries and you do not want to disappoint them while keeping them on hold for minutes. Self service portal enables them to raise the tickets, check the ticket status and grab the information in knowledge base and let them find the answers at their own convenience. Enabling this portal will make agents’ life easier, now they can focus on the tickets that demands more attention and the resolution rate increases.

Personalized Support

With PHPKB ticketing system in place, your team is able to give much more one-on-one attention to clients with support issues. This is made possible because, there would be less tickets due to strong knowledge base and agents can then be spent talking to clients and providing a more personalized approach to supporting them. When your customers see that your support representative are genuinely investing their time and it helps customers feel valued. This breeds strong brand loyalty and helps ensure revenue growth over the long term.

Faster Query Resolution

The ticketing system automates so much of the routine administration of processing incoming cases, that it gives your customer support team more time to focus on addressing and closing tickets. A load of work that your team doesn’t have to do, letting them focus more time and energy on addressing customer issues, and less time on entering data and moving tickets through the process.

Better communication

Communication is key to any business and a ticket management system will allow your support team to communicate up and out better. Your support team can collaborate with other staff members to raise issues, give suggestions or tips. The staff can communicate indirectly, by submitting the valuable information attained through their experience of problem solving with other team members or customers by publishing it in form of knowledge base articles.

Maximum Customer Satisfaction

When user queries are resolved faster, customers are able to work more successfully with your product or service, meaning they believe in your product and will be loyal to it over the long term. Ticket backlogs are eliminated and representatives can provide a more personalized support experience; customers feel valued and customer satisfaction increases and users view your business as very well-equipped to support them into the future, which curbs customer attrition.

PHPKB Support Ticketing System Features
  • Multichannel - users can send tickets through multiple channels such as contact page, support widget.
  • Multilingual - support for multiple languages.
  • Ticket deflection - with very strong knowledge base to let customers help themselves.
  • Ticket departments - helps in assigning tickets to different agents.
  • File attachments - users can attach documents, screenshots and PDFs to tickets.
  • Users can view the status of tickets.
  • Maintains a ticket’s history.
  • Efficient and a comprehensive notification alerts system.
  • Priority based ticket craetion.

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