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Our new Embeddable "Help Widget" is embedded right inside your web page in a way that it looks like an integral part of your website and offers access to the knowledge base (popular articles, search and contact form) to your users wherever they are on your website. Help widget is incredible for increasing the engagement with your community while providing easy ways to share content, and help in monitoring who exactly is looking for suggestions, without having to navigate to a separate application. PHPKB help widget is your best companion as it takes a lot of hassle out of a lot of work and gives your community an impeccable user experience.

Seamless Support Experience

Help widget is so flawlessly integrated across all devices, the experience feels magnificent. The widget is fully responsive, which provides optimal layout on every screen, and reduces the efforts to seek help.

Early resolution of problems

Help widget provides smart suggestions in the form of knowledge base articles against user queries and saves the time of both customer and business.

Postpone Pointless Enquiries

Postpone tickets by making contact options appear only after customers have browsed through the answers.

Business Growth

Instead of forcing your customers to hunt around or leave your website for help, the "Help Widget" presents relevant knowledge base articles right when they need it. This reduces online inquiries and in turn, gives you room to focus on other aspects of business growth.

How does it work?

Help widget allows you to integrate the functionality of your knowledge base into any of your websites. Your customers can search/browse your knowledge base articles, before raising new tickets for their support queries. This not only enhances the efficiency, but also provides brand uniformity, and reduces the friction for customers.

Support Widget

  • Non- Intervening

    Unlike floating widgets which may be annoying for some visitors, the PHPKB help widget is an embeddable widget that sits quietly on your web page and looks like a part of the website.

  • Easy Integration

    The integration is very easy, just like a child's play. All it takes to add the help widget to your website is a snippet of Javascript. You don’t require specific expertise or technical abilities to use this widget.

  • Customizable Design

    The design of the widget is customizable and can be changed to suit your website’s theme. Look and feel, form labels, and placement of widget is easily configurable from PHPKB’s admin panel without any technical help.

  • Log Maintenance

    Widget logs the record for every interaction made by the user such as recording of keywords searched, tickets created and user details.

  • Data Integration with Knowledge Base

    The data submitted from contact forms is directly pushed into your knowledge base. Thereby, you can easily manage all the tickets from PHPKB's admin control panel.

  • Automatically enable widget in KB

    Help widget can be enabled on all the front-end pages of PHPKB knowledge base just by enabling one setting from the widget's admin area.

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