Syntax Highlighter

PHPKB offers syntax highlighter tool that can auto-format your code to look pretty and readable in the knowledge articles.



PHPKB knowledge management system is not only be deployed with public facing business enterprises but it can also be used as internal knowledge base by IT firms and educational institutes for training their employees and students. Syntax highlighting tool of PHPKB knowledge base software is extremely useful for any organization which is engaged in any kind of training activity as it make the code pop out while keeping it readable and easy to copy. Syntax highlighting improves readability and makes debugging procedures easier. The color-coded highlighting is applied to the source code for your procedures to distinguish keywords, comments, functions, arithmetic and logical operators, constants, and quoted strings.

The following image is an example of highlighting in front-end. You can paste in your raw code syntax in wysiwyg editor and syntax highlighter will automatically format it to look pretty and readable.

Syntax Highlighter

Without highlighting, raw code appears as a plain black text hard to read. But with syntax highlighting, PHPKB knowledge base software automatically finds the code, and format it. Whether you want to add code examples to a page or are creating developer documentation, API guides; PHPKB's syntax highlighter simplifies the process for you.

Languages Supported by PHPKB Syntax Highlighter

PHPKB syntax highlighter has specific format brushes for these languages - AppleScript, AS3, Bash, ColdFusion, Cpp, CSharp, Css, Delphi, Diff, Erlang, Groovy, Java, JavaFX, JScript, Perl, PHP, Plain, PowerShell, Python, Ruby, Sass, Scala. However, it will set the general format brush if the language doesn't fall into the above-mentioned list.

Syntax Highlighter Themes Provided by PHPKB

PHPKB knowledge base tool facilitate you to choose from 6 different themes for your code formats so that the syntax highlighter can match with your websites layout.

Syntax Highlighter Themes

How to use syntax highlighter?
  • Go to add/edit article page, where you want to add the code syntax.
  • Click on syntax highlighter button available in wysiwyg editor's toolbar on article creation page.
  • The syntax highlighter dialog window will open. Paste your raw code in the dialog and choose the language from the language drop down.

    Syntax Highlighter Dialog

  • Set other format options and click on OK button.

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