Unlimited Categories & Articles

Create a well-structured hierarchy of your knowledge base content making it easy for users to find information.



Having a knowledge base in which articles appear under all appropriate categories improves the chance of your customers finding the information. You can't possibly know how much knowledge base categories and articles your company will need in the long-term. With PHPKB Knowledge Base Software there is no limit on the number of categories and it is very easy to create and manage categories and articles for your knowledge base.

Category Hierarchy Structure

With PHPKB, you can create a well-structured hierarchy of all your knowledge base content with unlimited levels of sub-categories. Making it easy for users to find and digest information.

Category and Article Creation at Ease

With PHPKB's efficient category manager, you can add all your related articles into one major or subcategory at ease by grouping your articles as a folder structure. PHPKB knowledge base system provides the feasibility to organise your content up to unlimited depth of category hierarchies, which is not available in many other knowledge base softwares.

Easy to Navigate

Structure of your knowledge base and its articles will either help your customers sift through it all–or confuse and frustrate them. Customers likely turn to your knowledge base because they have a problem, that means they’ll already be stressed and annoyed. Therefore, PHPKB knowledge base software makes it simple and intuitive navigation through your knowledge base.

Tree View of Categories

PHPKB allows to categorize articles in a hierarchical manner. The pre-eminent advantage of tree view display of content enables you to identify the focused content, easy incorporation of the related articles as categories or subcategories, maintaining a clear direction to the user even when we deal with unlimited articles or documents.

Category Tree

Category Icons

PHPKB Enterprise Editions comes with facility to allocate vector and non-vector icons to easily grab the attention of your users and enable them to identify the relevant articles by fixing a suitable icon for your categories and subcategories.

Category Icon Picker

Private and Public Categories

PHPKB offers two types of categories; public and private to facilitate you to create either an open or internal or hybrid knowledge base as per your choice. The content under public categories is visible and accessible by all users on the public area, however the content under private categories can only be accessed by logged in users (KB members) based on the permissions assigned to them. It helps organizations to share the most sensitive documents in the private categories while keeping other forms in public categories.

Priortize Categories and Articles

Manage the display of your categories and articles as per your relevance through Article Priority and Category Priority features of PHPKB knowledge base software.

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